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  1. Damn those 2 planes in the pic hurts the brain!!! They look great but it's hard to immediately identify what the eyes are seeing lol. Nice work!
  2. Fantastic!!! I have see Bad Kitty at airshows, such a beautiful plane to see fly. You have done the F7F justice!!!
  3. Looks fantastic!! Love that kit, I need to do another
  4. Very creative!! Being a Luft 46 lover, I think this is fantastic!!!
  5. I have 2 Revell G-10's but no decal. 1/48 Does anybody have some that they want to part with? Must be willing to ship to Canada Thanks
  6. That greatly peaks my interest ! ! Thanks for all the suggestions fellas What about some of the shows in Europe ?
  7. Hi all, Just curious as to where the best warbird airshow is? I want to plan a trip and I want to see some classic warbirds! What are your experiences ? Kevin
  8. That's one beat up 'Cat! Love it!!!!!!! What kit is it?
  9. Fantastic work! !!!!!!!
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