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  1. Outstanding! Definitely worth a subscription!
  2. Hello sir I have one of these in my stash that I can get a mask kit made if you are still looking Let me know Kevin kitmasx.com
  3. Hello everyone We make canopy and paint masks for several different plane kits. Have an old yellowed decal sheet? No proble, we can make paint masks to save the day. Our inventory is growing every week so be sure to check in often. Spend 25 or more and recieve free shipping anywhere in North America Worldwide shipping at reasonable rates. We also have an awards program for purchases and content for the gallery. If you don't see something you need, we have a unique service. Send us your clear parts, we will make masks for them and return
  4. Damn those 2 planes in the pic hurts the brain!!! They look great but it's hard to immediately identify what the eyes are seeing lol. Nice work!
  5. Fantastic!!! I have see Bad Kitty at airshows, such a beautiful plane to see fly. You have done the F7F justice!!!
  6. Looks fantastic!! Love that kit, I need to do another
  7. Very creative!! Being a Luft 46 lover, I think this is fantastic!!!
  8. I have 2 Revell G-10's but no decal. 1/48 Does anybody have some that they want to part with? Must be willing to ship to Canada Thanks
  9. That greatly peaks my interest ! ! Thanks for all the suggestions fellas What about some of the shows in Europe ?
  10. Hi all, Just curious as to where the best warbird airshow is? I want to plan a trip and I want to see some classic warbirds! What are your experiences ? Kevin
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