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  1. Great wall! I have at least three Hasegawa ones on the shelf of doom and in the trash bin of doom. The engine nozzles are not that great. I managed to test fit ones from the Revell F-15E kit that will work.
  2. Hi Dave,

    Are the ZM F-4J and GW F-15C still available?  If so how much with shipping to 96734?




  3. I noticed with both Tamiya and Solvaset the decal softener sometimes leaves a white residue. I usually can make it disappear with more future. But I am finding it is not working on a model that I have a flat coat on. Any ideas? I am wondering whether I should sand around the decal. Thanks
  4. Thanks, Brian. I was wondering about that. Also, have seen FS36375 on the outboard stabs and FS36320 on the inboard stabs. I'm doing a recent VFA-211 jet and my eyeball says FS36375 on both sides.
  5. Cybermodeler says FS36320. https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/fa-18/fa-18f_profile01.shtml My eyeball says FS36375. I've seen the latter elsewhere too. Can anyone confirm? Thanks!
  6. You would think engine gray would be too dark but I really like the result. I think I am going to stick with Mission Models FS36170 and see how it turns out once the flat coat is applied. I experimented with FS36270, FS36251, and FS36231 for the RAM tape. I likely with go with FS36231.
  7. Hey Jake, I just received your new 1/32 scale Super Hornet sheet. I bought it with the intention of finishing my Tumpeter SH into a VFA-213 CAG bird. I don't know if I am seeing things but the inside of the squadron band below the cockpit appears to be closer to black than insignia blue. Or is it suppose to be black? Thanks, Blain
  8. I was actually thinking the same thing - the kit was a drean until I got to the wing joins. I glued the out wing panels first and noticed that the port wing was too straight - close to level with the ground. I tried lowering the outter panel a little but this produced a gap at the join and noticeable bend at the join. The top wing panel did not appear in the line with the interior panel. I think the issue is with the interior wing panel that is part of the fuselage. Hopefully when I attached the bottom wing panels the angle issue will be mitigated somewhat.
  9. Thanks for your suggestion. Sand it when it is still soft or when it hardens somewhat? Any other tips for working with super glue? Thanks again, Blain
  10. I used some squadron putty to address a step. Now I want to scribe panel lines at the join but am not having luck scribing through filler. The can scribe the line, but edges of the lines appear jagged. Are there any solutions out there for scribing in filler? Thanks!
  11. I would definitely buy an F-14, especially the bombcat. I personally don't enjoy addressing the issues with the Has kit. The one drawback is that Has already has a kit. It is also not operational anymore. Other possiblities... F-15C or the F-35 once they become operational.
  12. I screwed up putting a decal on a 1/48 Has F/A-18F. Does anyone have the intake decal No. 99 for sell or trade? It is the decal that goes in the intake. Thanks, Blain
  13. I have been using future to secure decals, but I noticed that there instances when it doesn't fully conform to the surface. I don't want to wait for an order of micro sol so does anyone have any home brew alternatives for decal softening? I use acrylic paints so I was thinking of alcohol mixed with a little water??? Or is there something else that I can use. Thanks!
  14. My typical procedure is to use xtracrylics paints. which has a glossy sheen, then a dark wash, then future, then decal, then a flat coat. The dark wash probably has more of an impact. I'm trying to determine how much I need to dilute the base color with white when applying to a pre shaded model. I know there is a lot of opinions regarding pre shading. I guess here is where the art of modeling comes into play. I am thinking I will try 15% dilution for an F-16 and 20% for a Super Hornet. Hopefully I won't have to reshoot.
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