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  1. Hornet

    Su-27 prints discontinued

    Wooohooo !!!! Got your very last one, what a beauty. Now I will shop for a nice frame ! Thanks Chris ! Holger
  2. It's a report from German Spiegel TV. Beautiful large scale R/C planes gathering in France. Enjoy: http://www.spiegel.tv/#/filme/modell-flugshow/ Hornet
  3. Hornet

    Help wanted from Swiss/German/Austrian members

    Hi Marcel, if you go to a Hardware store (Baumarkt) look or ask for "Terpentin". There are a couple of different brands but they all do the job. Regards, Hornet
  4. Hornet

    Color slats bf-109

    Factory fresh it was RLM02 for the early birds, later (F,G,K versions)RLM 66. Hornet
  5. Just got my kit from Ken Awesome guy, deal with confidence. Hornet
  6. Hornet

    Anyone from Frankfurt am Main here?

    I heard these online shops are good: http://www.traudlsmodellbau.com/ http://www.haertle.de/ Viele Grüße, Hornet
  7. Hornet

    Anyone from Frankfurt am Main here?

    Hi, I'm not from Frankfurt but I would recommend to contact the local plastic model club. Plastikmodellbau-Verein Frankfurt e.V. 71 Stephan Eberhardt Lauterbacher Straße 20 60386 Frankfurt am Main Homepage: http://www.pmv-frankfurt.de/ More contact info: http://www.dpmv.de/vereine/mitgliedsvereine.html Hope this helps. Regards, Hornet
  8. PM about 1/32 Revell BF 110G (4745) - 20.00 + S&H inbound. Hornet
  9. Hornet

    More from English Россия

    Wow !!! Thanks for sharing !! Hornet
  10. Hornet

    Trumpeter 1/32 Mig-29K

    Hi, the Eduard photo etch set for the Revell Mig can't be used for the Trumpeter kit, it is a a different version. Eduard has some etch parts for the Mig-29K, you need to get these if you want to upgrade your model. But, the Trumpeter Mig is very good right out of the box, much better than the Revell Mig. Hornet
  11. Hornet

    Anybody got this book?

    I have it and I love it. Many color profiles, some photos, history of the Fishbed and differences between the versions. Hornet
  12. Hornet

    Again, Computer Question

    That is a strange problem, there should be no difference. Try this, right click and copy one of the taskbar icons and paste it on to your desktop. Overwrite the current one on your desktop if Windows complains. Double click it and see if your application starts now. Hornet
  13. Hornet

    Again, Computer Question

    The "split screen" actually means that your video card can't keep up with your scrolling speed. It probably happens only on pages with lots of information, right ? Open the control panel and look for the Mouse properties icon. Open it, there you will find a tab where you can adjust the scrolling speed to your liking. Hornet
  14. Hornet

    Pensacola Air Museum

    I need to share this link, a friend sent it to me. It takes a moment to load all the pictures. Enjoy ! http://www.cdsg.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t...9cad9f1d4e0f8b0 Hornet
  15. I have a Bandai 1/24 A6M5 available. Cheers, Hornet