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  1. Does anyone have an F-4E that they’d part with? With or without aftermarket. In in northern VA, prefer to buy in ConUS only due to shipping costs. shoot me an email at mikeswinburne@gmail.com please if you can help. Thanks, Mike
  2. Thanks everyone, sold items have been removed and a Trumpeter Mig21 package has been added
  3. I need to make some room in my basement for my new larger 3d printers, so all of this is on the chopping block. Please email me at mikeswinburne (at) gmail (dot) com if interested. PayPal only, no trades at this time. Shipping costs are not included in prices below - I'll ship anywhere on the planet at cost. In the Northern VA / Washington DC area? I'll be happy to meet somewhere or drop kits off. Thank you for looking! - Mike Everything is 1/32 scale unless noted Anigrand (1/144 scale resin) XF-12 Rainbow $50
  4. Hi friends, I'm looking for a few resin sets for two Flanker builds I want to tackle before long... do any of you have the following that you'd part with? I'm in the Washington DC area, don't mind buying internationally. Thanks! Mike - mikeswinburne@gmail.com Wolfpack 32045, Su-30K IAF Conversion Set Wolfpack 32035 SU-27 late type landing gear bay Avionix or Aires Cockpit for single seat SU-27 Zacto Su27 canopy set
  5. Thanks to those who've taken kits off my hands so far. I've updated the list to remove sold items, and have added a Zoukei Mura Horten 229
  6. Wifey got furloughed today so I'm jumping out in front of the reduced income and offering up some kits for sale. Please email me (mikeswinburne at gmail dot com) if interested in these. No trades, paypal preferred please. Postage from 22015 not included. Thanks for looking, Mike 1/32 Resin Kits and Conversions PENDING - F9F-8T / TF-9J Cougar (aka Twogar): Fisher resin kit for the two seat trainer. Paul explained to me that he never remade the molds when they wore out, so this one is by far the rarest of the Fisher F9F family of kits. $300 D-558-1 Skystreak:
  7. Hi all, I have the following 1/32 kits for sale from 22015 (Washington DC area). Will post anywhere on the planet, postage is not included in the prices listed. Paypal is preferred. Please contact me if interested at mikeswinburne@gmail.com, sorry no trades. Thanks! Mike HK B-17E/F builders kit. $275. Several bulkheads removed from sprues, all parts accounted for in box. Boxtop is missing - for those not familiar, this kit has a sturdy cardboard box, and the (missing) boxtop slides over this. Included in the box: Zotz Heavenly Bodies Pt.2 decal she
  8. Hi folks, Got the following kits for sale if anyone is interested. Small wants list at end are the only thing I will consider in trade at the moment. Postage at cost, from Washington DC suburbs to anywhere on the planet. PayPal preferred, check/MO ok as well. Email if interested please- mikeswinburne@gmail.com. Thanks, Mike Everything 1/32 scale unless otherwise noted! C&H F-86H Sabre conversion. Complete in box with decal sheet in great condition. Rear tip of tail broken off of both sides (was received this way), should be easy
  9. Selling the following off to help justify and fund a new 3d resin printer. Please email me at mikeswinburne@gmail.com if interested, thanks. Buyer pays shipping (from Washington DC area to anywhere). PayPal preferred but not required. Sorry no trades right now. Thank you for looking! Mike 1/32 Kits Lukgraph KO-4 (Japanese version of Nieuport 29) $100 C&H Aero Miniatures - F-86H Conversion (for hasegawa). Decals in perfect condition. Rear tail tip on both sides was broken off and missing when I received it. Nothing that can't be b
  10. Got to love when your friends are the most cynical about this... Wolfpack has so far refused to answer email and Facebook messages relating to reissuing this set. Great customer service.....
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