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  1. Found him on FB Hope he is set up to handle all the orders he's going to get now when the word is out.
  2. This is not the same as the Hobby Fan product. This seem to be way more complete with the updated interior and IP
  3. This was posted on the ARC FB site A UH-60M conversion set by Xtreme Modeler Studio. I would like to know more on this, like where it can be bought from. Google has not been my friend on this. FB Link
  4. I can understand your standpoint Kursad. The T-100 scheme still looks nice on the M-346, so I'll have to see if I can make my own masks for it.
  5. Kursad, do you have any thoghts about making decals for the newly released Kinetic M-346 Master Trainer? It would be really cool to get some decals for the T-100 wich was their proposed trainer for the T-X trainer program.
  6. That sounds great. If possible, any of these options would be highly appreciated as well.
  7. I second Swedish options as well. The belcher bits decals are not so good or accurate as one would like. /Johan
  8. I'll se what I can do. Do you require more info than just pictures? I probably can't give you much info on size and exact colors on the markings. /Johan
  9. I have the 1/48 Cessna 310 on preorder from Hannants. Nice to see something fresh and new being kitted. I'm really looking forward to the CASA 212 as well. Any chance we could get Swedish decals for the CASA? best regards Johan
  10. Hi Eduard has made a mistake in their limited release of the 1/48 (hasegawa) draken. The instrument panels included on the PE fret are only good for the Danish and Austrian versions. They say to use the Danish IP for the Swedish and Finish option, but Sweden and Finland use the same type of IP the the Austrians did but in green. The strange thing is that they have made the correct Swedish/Finish IP in a previous release, but they haven't included it in this new release. Also missing from this release are the big fuel tanks for the Danish version. These tanks are however included in the Danish Hasegawa releases. So this release is a hit and miss in my opinion.
  11. That's a reel cracker Janne. I'm wondering about the paint scheme, is that from the upcoming movie? If you have mentioned this in the thread I do apologize. /Johan
  12. flarpen


    I just read through this entire thread again and I'm still amazed at this build, think it's one of your best. And it's interesting to see how the characters evolved during this build. One thing that I kind of miss with your later builds are the involvement the characters have in the actual build itself. /Johan
  13. Thanks. The intake trunk was quite fun to make. But I really don't understand why KH haven't included it in the kit, it shouldn't be that hard to make. Yes, all the rivets on the wings should be filled except the ones nearest to the leading edge flaps panel line, those are there on the real thing. /Johan
  14. Thanks guys. A WIP can be found here: http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5467 (only in Swedish though) /Johan
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