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  1. Indeed eduard Mk20's, the LANTIRN was stolen from the Academy F-15I Ra'am box....a wealth of pods and bombs in that box
  2. Uhhuh, nudge nudge ....know what I mean? 🙂 Thanx Steve 😄 I'm sure you will.....I eyed your aftermarket stuff jealously!
  3. Part 2 THanx for looking 😄 Cheers!
  4. I have a little sneak build to present for you. Now and then I visit a mate, Erik -he´s here on ARC too, and we sit and swear over the youth and the general condition of our world, eat unhealthy food and work on some models while we do it. Ha! We men can multitask too, complain, eat and build at the same time...no probs! Anyway, I put together this S-3B at Erik´s place over a few months. Some aftermarket is put in it, a wolfpack cockpit, Eduard PE and Steele beach FOD covers. In hindsight I should have used another color on the FOD covers...it´s very grey, some spots of color could have been nice, RBF-flags and such. I´m happy with the TPS weathering and it gor me a Brons plack at C4-Open in Malmö last moth. Well time for some dirty pics.... MOre in part 2
  5. Thanx Seb 😄 The background is really grey, I made it black while editing….but you´re right they are a bit too warm, oh well better pics next time 😛 I shoot in RAW so I pretty much set everything while editing in Lightroom so I could easily fix the pix, but then I´d have to upload them again...but I´m too lazy 😛
  6. Lovely work there, the nostalgia kind of makes my eyes moist....
  7. Thanx janman 😄 happy Reading 🙂
  8. Thanx Zach 😄 It has a few issues but not as many as the academy kit so unless GWH makes a Flanker series this is the best vanilla flanker in 1/48th scale
  9. Outstanding! Awesome paintjob and light weathering! The exhausts look beautiful!
  10. Part 3 Thanx for looking 😄 link to build thread http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/308188-su-27-flanker-b-hobby-boss-148/#comments
  11. OK, finally I had time to take pics and edit them... Rather happy with how the Flanker turned out..of course there are small issues here and there but on the whole I´m pleased. It got me a Brons at C4 at Malmö so I guess others like it too ( it didn´t get squat here in gothenburg in september ... guess they didn´t like it 😜 ) 😛 It was a very pleasing build, it went together nicely and the small incorrections in the kit itself were survivable. I added a wee bit of aftermarket to it like engines, bang seat, pitot tube and static dischargers (that seem to fall off all over the place), wheels and nice decals from Linden hill. I tried both MRP and AKAN paints for the first time and I like both...tho I think i fell in love with MRP 😛 Anyways here are loads of lovely pictures 😄 Cheers and thanx all for folowing the build More in part 2
  12. The final section... something went wrong with the fins...
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