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  1. I use hardware store without issue, except for any labeled" low voc". That crap never dries.
  2. I was able to attend this year and highly recommend the trip. Well worth it, not only for the Airshow, but for New Zealand in general. I have photos under the "What did you see today?" thread.
  3. OK - Here are my photos - Wings Over Wanaka:
  4. Today I saw the following: Beech 18 - flying Tigermoths - flying Fox moth - flying Beech staggerwing - flying Waco - flying Two vampires - flying Two strikemasters - flying Spitfire Mk IX - flying Yak -3M - flying Catalina PBY - flying Spitfire Mk XVI - flysble, but not flying. Me-109 Buchon - flying Photos later....
  5. OK. So, how do I post images? Never Mind ...Got it.
  6. Long time member and this is my first posting of two kits that I recently finished. Both kits are 48th scale Eduard Me-110's. An E model (Profipack) and the second is the F model weekend edition. Which is misnamed and should be called "The Monthly Edition", because that is about how long it took me to complete. I challenge anyone to build one of these kits in a weekend. I started building both kits together, but decided that I would finish the E first and use the lessons learned from the E model and apply them to the F. The F radar antenna are attached using future. Per the research available
  7. I find that I sometimes need multiple attempts on the same kit. The first time is to discover all the pitfalls, and the second time (or third) is when I take them into account.
  8. Certainly no "thrown back in the seat" sensation. You can see shock waves under certain conditions, and you can see an "indicated" jump in airspeed as the pitot statics are affected by the changes in pressure. Pulling g's though is much different and you definitely feel that, especially at 9 g's!
  9. Mike- I have some decals for Su-22's that served in Afghanistan...
  10. How come you all harp all over this kit, which isn't released yet! Yet I see no one harping over the other new kits being presented (I.e., Do-17 from ICM, a few postings down).
  11. To many bloviating experts around here sometimes that know not of what they speak.

  12. Curt - The list for the club I thought was huge. Did you get everything on the list?
  13. My Local Lowes swapped out its lacquer for a new VOC (volatile organic compound). Not realizing there was a difference to old style lacquer, I quickly discovered that the VOC style when used as a thinner will not allow some enamel paints to fully dry, even after two days. Lacquer without VOC dried overnight. Heads up!
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