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  1. I am leaving the hobby and looking for the best way to sell what I have left. Really don't want to use ebay and have to pack and ship so many kits. I would rather sell all togeher. Should I group them up as far as scale, or type(aircraft,ship ect.) or just all together. I have between 150-200 left to get rid of. Most are modern 1/72 and 1/48 Navy aircraft. There are about 50-60 1/700 ships as well. Some kits retail at $60-$70 others around $5. I thought about just selling them all at $4 each as a lot and then the buyer can figure out the cost breakdown. Would that work? Any suggestions? Je
  2. All well deserved awards. Did the Krupp get anything? If not, I wonder what they found wrong. Good job to everyone who entered, Jeff
  3. A dealer at Nats purchased all of them. Thought it was best to go that route and quicker too. Sorry, Jeff
  4. I looked over Academy's table today and didn't see the Merkava. Will ask about it tomorrow as the guys were tied up today. Will pass along any info I get. Jeff
  5. All kits sold at present time. Thanks for the inquirys
  6. You guys did everything you could. Construction and weather not your fault. Great job. Jason, come up and say hi. I am at the display tables. I have the YCSM display from Zville. Thanks for giving us a table. Jeff
  7. Columbus guys should get a big attaboy for the first day of the show. Things seemed to go real smooth. Have taken about 250 pics already. There are some outstanding models on the table already. Ready for day 2 already, Jeff
  8. I did not see spruebrothers. That doesn't mean they are not there. Vendors are strung out all over. Not just in one room. What I did see that caught my eye was Trumpy's test shots of the 1/32 Hornet and Tomcat. Nice is all I can say. Going to be pricy though. I will check out Academy table tomorrow. Jeff
  9. Eric, I just parked in the hotel parking lot. P1 level and took my stuff up the elevator. After looking around, seemed the easiest thing. It rained today so outside parking would have sucked. Jeff
  10. Here is the list. Checks, postal MO only. Shipping at cost from Ohio. 1/32 Revell F-4 Phantom Mig Killer Revell Messer. BF-110C-4B Tamiya F-15E Strike Eagle 1/48 Hasegawa 9142 A6M2 Zero type 11 9143 A6M2B Zero type 21 9117 a6m3 Zero type 22 9170 a6m3 zero type 22a 9543 a6m5 type 52 9070 a6m5 type 52 51906 a6m8 type 54 9530 d3a1 val type 99 coral sea version 9056d3a1 val type 11 midway version 9396 b5n2 kate type 97 w/torpedo b5n2 kate type 97 w/radar 9084 c6n1 myrt recon plane 9069 a6m2 rufe seaplane 9281 b7a1 grace type 11
  11. I think Nats will be great. The chatter just isn't what it was last year, but thats not always a bad thing. I think people didn't believe the economy would still be this bad and things are tight. I am sure in the end we will all be praising the Columbus club for another good show. One should consider the fact to that they have the same problem most clubs who do shows have. 80% of the work being done by 10% of the members. Our club is that way this year with our show. Its hard for the guys who are doing the work to feel real chippy about anything dealing with Nats. at this point. With a month
  12. That would be my first suggestion. Can't beat the price and location. Only about a couple miles from the show. For the zoo area, I suggest the north 23 area. I will get a list together for you guys. Jeff
  13. I need to narrow this down. What range in price are you guys looking for. I can give you Motel 6 for 39.00 a night to the Westin at 129.00 a night. Anything downtown within walking distance is going to be high. Around beltway is running $40-$90. Jeff
  14. For the benefit of all, I am not going to turn this into an argument over what hobby shop is the best. I know "some people" may like the smokestack style of shopping compared to the neat and tidy shelves of Hobbyland. The real hidden deals at smokestack are in the backroom. Get there when they pull out stuff to fill the shelves and you could really find a few deals. Hey prices are going to be high anywhere you look. Just the nature of the economy we live in. I will be interested in seeing the prices and any markups at Nats this year. Hey Jason B. Is there really a place in Ohio thats wo
  15. I guess its all in what you are looking for. Or how much you are willing to hunt. I have found some great deals just looking over every kit in the store. The hasegawa f-15 mentioned above for instance. I picked up one for 14.95. Not bad for a 1/48 Hase. kit. Prices are prices, and poll 25 people here in central ohio and half will tell you Hobbyland is over priced. Poll half the guys on this site who went to the Columbus show last month and they will tell you 90% of the venders were over priced. My basis for saying smokestack is below retail is easy. The F-22 Raptor by Acad. is priced out at 6
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