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  1. Morning all, I don't share my builds here often, but I thought a review of my output this year might be of interest. All are in 1/72. I began the year building the Century Series jets alongside WW2 Soviet types. Trumpeter F-100C Super Sabre Arma Hobby Yak-1B Revell F-101B Voodoo Meng F-102A Delta Dagger Academy Il-2 Sturmovik Hasegawa Polikarpov I-16 Hasegawa F-104G Starfighter Trumpete
  2. Thanks all, much appreciated 🙂 The Wildcat is a lovely little kit. I found the undercarriage fiddly as is usually the case with Wildcats, but I think I installed it incorrectly so it stands too tall- that's no reflection on the kit, just my skills! When I build my next one I'm going to assemble the gear before closing the fuselage so that I can use it as a jig and ensure I get the angles correct.
  3. Afternoon all, May I present my 2020 yearbook. Obviously it's been a mostly dreadful year in so many ways, but one positive I've taken away from it is a renaissance in my enthusiasm in modelling. I had rediscovered my mojo before lockdown hit, but being furloughed for two and half months, and subsequently working reduced hours has meant I've been able to dedicate so much spare time to the workbench. As such, I've managed 26 completions this year, a personal record since I got back into the hobby properly in 2008. I've found building to themes has helped maintain the enthusiasm; the 80th A
  4. Please delete, posted in wrong forum!
  5. Morning all, Not shared a model on here in years but though this might be of interest. Fresh off the bench is the superb 1/72 Hasegawa Su-33. Built completely OOB, painted with Hataka Orange Line lacquers and Alclad for the metallic areas. Weathering was kept fairly light with a simple application of MIG Prouction's neutral wash before a final coat of Xtracolor satin varnish. A great kit of one of the best looking modern fighters around. 1/72 Hasegawa Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr 1/72 Hasegawa Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker by Shaun Schofield, on
  6. Thanks again chaps Yup, I'll be displaying her on the Britmodeller table with a few others I've recently finished
  7. Thank you all for the kind feedback, very much appreciated :D Cheers buddy, I'm humbled- always nice to receive such positive comments from you modellers at the top of the tree ;). I was always keen to model a Harrier with the patchwork panelling, gives it an added element of interest. Luckily, the pictures I found of '346 in these markings showed her to have a fair number of these replacement panels, so I;ve tried to replicate that as best I could. And she just had to be filthy, it just wouldn't be right any other way! Thanks again all Cheers Shaun
  8. There are a couple of areas where I'm a little annoyed with myself, but overall, I'm, dead chuffed with the outcome. It's also been a good learning experience in using aftermarket, and hopefully has set me in good stead for the GR.5 and GR.9 I have planned for the future. Thanks for looking, comments and suggestions most welcomed Cheers Shaun
  9. Evening all here's my latest build, and after a good old slog, my Harrier is now complete. The build thread can be found here, but just to re-cap, this is the Hasegawa kit (Revell boxing) to which I've added the Aires cockpit and wheel well sets, quickboost airbrake, Aeroclub MB Mk 12 plus a bit of scratch building here and there. Finished in the markings of 800 NAS, which came from an MA sheet, with the stencils out of the kit. The Mavericks were pillaged from a Revell Hunter FGA.9. On with the pics- apologies for so many, but I'm rather pleased with this one More to f
  10. Thanks for the kind comments chaps, much appreciated :D Regarding the white, I was going for a clean-ish look the aircraft, mainly because weathering white is quite tricky, and very easy to overdo. So I'm happy enough with the fairly subtle approach I've taken with it. Do appreciate your input though Thanks again Shaun :)
  11. Evening all Here's my latest build, the wonderful Wimpy. I;ve always had a soft spot for the Wellington as I live in a town of the same name, from which the a very famous Duke took his name, whom the aircraft is named after. Built straight out of the Trumpy box, and a very nice kit it is too- excellent fit and detail throughout. Finished in the markings of 304 Sqn Royal Air Force Coastal Command, 1944. Build thread can be found here for those interested As ever, all comments welcomed Cheers Shaun
  12. Thanks very much You're right about Academy's 72nd kits, they're pretty awesome. Prior to this, I built their F-8E, which was a peach, and I've got their Il-2, F/A-18C and F-89D (amongst of others) in the stash, which look just as good on the sprues. It's a shame really that the decals let them down a bit, but that's nothing a bit of klear (future) won't sort. Cheers Shaun
  13. Cheers for the kind words chaps, much apprecited The macro on my camera has been playing up, but there's a half decent pic of it in the WIP thread I linked 'Fraid not, I don't have a suitable background to photograph her on, just the blue Thanks again Shaun :)
  14. Evening all Here's my latest build finally finished after a number of airshows got in the way, the wonderful Academy Helldiver. One of the best kits I have built to date, with an excellent cockpit OOB and top notch detail and fit all round, a highly recommended kit. Build thread can be found here Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed Cheers Shaun :lol:
  15. Cheers for the kind words fellas, glad you like them :unsure: Funnily enough, it was mentioned elsewhere that the sit wasn't quite low enough The F-8 did indeed sit very low to the ground, (the exhaust was extremely close to scraping the ground at times), which, coupled with the fact she has a fairly substantial loadout, suggests to me that the sit is about right. Ruud, the wings are from the kit. As the variable incidence wing is the most distinguishable feature of the Crusader, I wanted to pose it in the extended position. When it is extended, both the leading and trailing edge flaps
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