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  1. Thanks! It is a lot of photos which I didn't see earlier.
  2. Hello, colleagues! I have started to do model F-18 on the scale of 1/72. http://forums.airforce.ru/showthread.php?t=3477 There is decals on a squadron "Gold dragon". But I have found very few photos of planes of this squadron. Probably, somebody has photo of these planes. Help please. All photos F-18 in coloring "Gold dragon" interest. My gratitude will be very big.
  3. MAX67

    Sukhoi PAK FA / T50

    Hi, Ken! It is very glad that you have finished model Ã’-50. Congratulations!!!!! There were complexities at assemblage? I hope that you will meet Alexey in Telforde and will show it this model. All the best.
  4. MAX67

    PAK FA - Sukhoi T50 from 'Resin Shop'

    Ken, hello! I am glad that you got the parcel. Pay attention to the vacuum canopy. This detail is covered with a thin film. This film should be removed. Then the canopy would be perfectly transparent. With interest I will watch over the construction of this model. Regards. MAX.
  5. MAX67

    PAK FA

    News from Russia. http://www.rumodelism.com/forum/read.php?f...72#reply_297272
  6. MAX67

    Barracuda 1\72

    Thanks for responses. It is the Barracuda from Special Hobby. Ken, to you separate greetings from NeOmega!
  7. MAX67

    Barracuda 1\72

    Hello colleagues! I have made the Barracuda. It would be desirable to hear your opinion on this model. http://www.rumodelism.com/phorum/download/...1&mode=view http://www.rumodelism.com/phorum/download/...2&mode=view http://www.rumodelism.com/phorum/download/...3&mode=view http://www.rumodelism.com/phorum/download/...4&mode=view http://www.rumodelism.com/phorum/download/...5&mode=view http://www.rumodelism.com/phorum/download/...7&mode=view Here all blog about construction of this model: http://www.rumodelism.com/phorum/viewtopic...?f=30&t=293 Thanks!
  8. MAX67

    Beriev Be-12.

    Many thanks! I am very glad that my work was pleasant. It is in detail possible to look here: http://forums.airforce.ru/showthread.php?t=2148 Once again many thanks.
  9. MAX67

    My Meteor.

    Hello, colleagues! Estimate my model. It is the Meteor from ÌPM (1/72) and details from ÑÌÊ. It is not completed yet up to the end. Still there will be a tool, pilots and mechanics. Forgive me for my English language. http://forums.airforce.ru/attachment.php?a...mp;d=1208331246 http://forums.airforce.ru/attachment.php?a...mp;d=1208331254 http://forums.airforce.ru/attachment.php?a...mp;d=1208331274
  10. MAX67

    Meteor F.8

    Thanks! I meant a compartment behind a cabin of the pilot where the fuel tank is located.
  11. MAX67

    Meteor F.8

    Hello colleagues! I have begun construction of model Meteor F.8 in scale 1/72. There were some questions. In what color internal surfaces of cowls of engines were painted? How the compartment of a fuel tank and a tank was painted? It is possible to look at my work here: http://forums.airforce.ru/showthread.php?t=1789 Thanks. I hope you will understand my English language.