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  1. That's the one .Thanks a lot, now I can finnish my model Old Revell 1/32 RF-4E Phantom
  2. Hey Phantom Shawn.Do you have any pictures of the Turkish RF-4E Phantom lizard camo of the undersides.Thanks
  3. Anybody have any pictures of the Turkish Rf-4E Phantom in the Lizard Grey camo from the underside of the aircraft.Cannot find any on the web.Thanks
  4. For the 1/48 EA-18G Growler ,Which one is the better of the 2 .Italeri or Academy.
  5. Count me in on the F-4 Phantom book.Also the 2nd book when it comes out.How do we order the book.Checked online web site.Does not list the Phantom book.
  6. i know ,but I can only hope.Looking for exhaust cans for c-model.Because I have several RF-4E's in my stash.
  7. I thought they where imported by Stevens company back east.I couple of years ago I got some spare parts from them at no charge.Of course it might have changed since them.Try emailing them direct in China or sending a letter the old fashion way.I did this for Hasegawa a couple of times and got parts and decals,just have to pay for shipping with a overseas money order. Good luck my brother
  8. Ok what manufacture is better in a 1/24 P-51 Mustang Trumpeter or Airfix.
  9. Your Hobby Lobby carries the 1/32 F-4G phantom.Man ,mine carries crap.
  10. Let me look at my stash.Where are you located.?I live near LAX airport.How is $35.00 plus shipping.
  11. yes ,Sqaudron is like that.I did that mistake years ago.I only call in orders to make sure that it is in stock and on hand.
  12. I know long shot .Looking to buy or borrow for making a mold of a F-4 Phantom 1/32 refueling probe.
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