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  1. Good luck Steve. I'll say 'all the best' to you, your wife and your family. Life's little rocks-in-the-road sure builds character! Regards, Wiggy
  2. Thanks fellas. This information gives me a starting point. I think I'll print slightly larger Black 12's and use these as a mask. Should be able to cut-out these numbers since there is no "islands" inside the numbers (#4,6,8,9,0...). Then I'll print the Black 12 just small enough to lay inside the white painted area. With the proper swear words in the correct order, this should work. I'm building W.Nr.500570 of 6. Staffel, II./JG6. As if the field-applied paint wasn't enough of a challenge... Regards, Wiggy
  3. Greetings crew members. It's been a long time since I've posted on ARC. My project is an Fw190D-9 with a very unusual #2 in the Black 12. I'm going to try (There is no try, only do) to make my own decals this time. My question is: how do I get the White border on the Black 12? Thanks for any help you can give me as I try "something new". Pull the chocks, Wiggy
  4. V-1 "intercept"... Pics of the finished case coming. In the hangar, Wiggy
  5. Thank you all for the kind words. This has been one of those projects where you just can't "force" progress. After a "step", I get too emotional and have to let it sit for a while. Once it becomes a "cold fish", I'm able to jump in there for the next step. Better pics coming... Thank you all for your interest. In the hangar, Wiggy
  6. Getting closer now. Still have a few things to comb-out. Still need "good" outdoor photographs. These shots were taken while I was checking the "fit" of the show case. The plaque back plate includes panel lines and rivets with RAF and German paint. Looks to be around 4:00pm over the English countryside... In the hangar, Wiggy
  7. LOW PASS... In the hangar, Wiggy
  8. Pictures of the first "flight" in the backyard. The macro setting on my Canon PowerShot S5-IS was unhappy today. Better pics to follow... In the hangar, Wiggy
  9. WOW, they need to come-up with another day of the week. I'm just too busy for the hobby! I think they should call this new day "Myday", I sure could use the extra time! "Project FrankenSpit" is getting closer to the finish line, and I'm getting nervous. :blink: We all know how easy it is to screw-something-up when your project is almost completed. For example, when I sealed the paint, I had some decals lift and crinkle- don't you just love it! I was able to "fix" that, got the gear in, installed the "whiskers" (exhaust stacks, cannons, whip radio mast, rear view mirror) and glued the canopy in place. I just painted the aluminum pylon that the Spit will live on. Also picked-up a matted poster of the English countryside taken from about 2500 feet. I'll be using the best portion of this image for the "floor" of the showcase. Should look stupid-cool. Stay tuned... In the hangar, Wiggy
  10. Very nice work Boroda, well done. I dig float planes and flying boats. Good photography too. In the hangar, Wiggy
  11. Original "AND" fantastic! Wow, that's music to my ears. Many thanks for your complements. I'm very pleased with the "spinning" effect. It all comes down to camera shutter speed. That's what I'm duplicating, and that's what I'm tricking your mind's eye with. If you notice (in that picture), you can even begin to see the counter-clockwise dirrection the propeller is spinning. Painting tip: you have to "lead" the "blur" within the "slice of pizza" toward the dirrection of rotation. Little trick there, but it works. The human "condition" figures-into our hobby: what your trying to represent dosen't actually have to be there, just the idea of it is all you need. I'll have better pictures to share. Thanks again for the kind words. More to follow... In the hangar, Wiggy
  12. Boroda, you are the first person from Siberia to ever comment on one of my builds. Greetings, thank you for your interest, and happy modeling to you, Sir. More to follow... In the hangar, Wiggy
  13. Thanks for the kind words fellas. I'm pleased you like the "spinning" prop. I studied many photographs in order to reproduce this effect. More to follow... In the hangar, Wiggy
  14. Thanks fellas. Stay tuned... In the hangar, Wiggy
  15. Spinning Propeller!? You be the judge... :) In the hangar, Wiggy
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