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  1. Do you plan on doing any Israeli 1/72 C-130 decals?
  2. I may mount them on wood bases and hang on walls.
  3. I have to get more glue! Good news....So far the build is going good...subassemblies fitting nicely. The main landing gear bays are nice mini-kits in themselves. I've been sticking all the inner floors and bulkheads in place and fitting fuselage together to constantly test fit it all......impressive fit so far.
  4. The clear parts for front and rear turrets are simply unusable. It was just laziness that prevented HB from choosing the same way HAS did the molding of their clear parts for the 1/72 turrets. I'm hoping aftermarket folks come to the rescue. Way to 'screw the pooch' HB!
  5. 4 1/32 B-24J found there way into my stash today......reviewed contents. I'm loving the size and scope of the kit, but I am very disappointed in the front and rear turrets. HAS engineered them perfectly in their 1/72 offering..........why couldn't this be the same for 1/32??!! I guess I will have to hold my breath for those two aftermarket fixes. I am still excited about the B-24D that has yet to be released.......I'll easily pick up at least 2 of those. On the other hand, I picked up a Trumpy 1/32 P-40F that looks really really nice and also a HB 1/32 Sturmovik on skis....great k
  6. Can I get some without the cheek cameras, too? At least two sets would be great! I can buy 5 sets though if you make them. I don't need the cheeks.
  7. I pre-ordered two B-24J and two Lanc's.....when WingnutWings puts out their Dambuster, I will get that also. Yes, I will order two B-24D when it is ready for pre-order. Yes, they will be wall-huggers.
  8. Anyone want to trade a D for an A that I can part with?
  9. I have what you need. Send me a PM with shipping address and I will get the sprue out to you free of charge.
  10. It is a Merit Int'l/Hobbyboss release and it is not very good....more like a toy imho. I wasted money on it.....it can be built, yes, but it is just like somebody took a toy and gave us all the parts on sprues of which most are not on sprues anyway. I would chalk it up as a fail unless you intend to build it up and give it to a kid to play with..
  11. Ok. So, where do I pre-order from?
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