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  1. I've talked about getting the Hasegawa/Minicraft Mitsubishi Mu-2J kit for years, including many posts here, and a week ago on Ebay I decided to finally pull the trigger on that. Actually, I got two. It just seemed like a good idea given the age of the kit and all. Now given that they are kinda "semi-vintage" I'm not sure what to even do with these? Should I build them or just leave them as-is? I think I might open one up at least since the cellophane is already tearing loose anyway. I'm also thinking of picking up a Revel Concorde (already have one but it's missing parts) and a Revel or Airfix (or some other cheap kit) 757 since I want to do these in Dodo Air Lines colors from Animal Crossing (yes really). Also if someone knows any kits for a Husky, Caravan, Kodiak, C185, Grumman Widgeon and Piaggo 136 that'd be great too.
  2. Yeah, I've decided the 3D model is supposed to be a super-deformed Caravan too (maybe not a Super Caravan but it's hard to tell with the model so...super-deformed 😛) But there is a little 2D icon when the screen is loading, and although it's obviously supposed to be the exact same plane there's enough subtle details changed (shape and exact placement of windows, etc) that it's got my mind thinking it's yet another plane, a smaller recip-job. Maybe A 185?
  3. Anybody take a reasonable guess what it is and what kind of model kit I can find of that plane? Obviously it's cartoony and super-deformed, but it still suggests something a bit stubbier than say a Caravan but not a DeHavilland product either. Image link
  4. A noble life well-lived. Godspeed Sgt. Basset and thank you for this build
  5. ...we still have the "we are not worthy" emoji right? DAAAAUUUUUUYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!! 😲
  6. Do it! If I try it it's just gonna be another glue bomb😡
  7. It just occurred to me that I've been coming to this place (or at least registered here) for something like two decades now! Yet I don't remember any 20 year anniversary announcements, is that still coming up or did I miss it? I have to think that would be a pretty BIGthing!
  8. I'm just really blown away by this one in particular!
  9. If I can interject...sometimes real names are just boring 🙂 Plus a lot of the user names here have a lot of personal or professional (or both!) significance. Me...I'm really boring and my user name quite simply tells you as it is 🙂
  10. Ha, I remember reading about these things way back in the day! In addition to the Twin Cub here, there was a Twin Pacer made by Wagner. Rather than simply join two Cubs/Pacers at the wing spar, it was a single-fuselage Pacer with a custom-made twin engine mount up front (imagine similar to the Twin Cub). Here's a link with more information and pictures: http://www.aviastar.org/air/usa/wagner_twinpacer.php It seems Wagner may have also contrived a Twin Ercoupe, returning to the Twin Cub's method of construction (joining two fuselages together along the wing spar). In all three cases it seems that Wagner was trying to simply create a very practical, easy-to-fly twin for entry-level pilots rather than simply doing it for the novelty, based on my (really super-quick) research.
  11. I haven't seen too many, a quick look at the last time I remember being at Micheal's, most of the kits there were in the $15-20 range.
  12. I have specific interests, but they're more than a bit outside what ARC typically covers. I'm just looking to see if there are any general opportunities out there in the meantime, or even shift gears entirely into.
  13. Hi! I think I asked this same question a while ago, but here goes again. I'm just wondering if anybody on the boards here has any connections to the publishing industry (in any form) that they'd be willing to let me take advantage of. I know a lot of you put in hours and hours on research to the point where you can just about write the book yourself and...I don't know, maybe that's something I could help make happen? I know that sounded like a business pitch but I haven't exactly had the best track record of that. I'd rather just be employed by someone already set up.
  14. NO KIDDING! I haven't built a model in a long time because I just got priced out of the hobby! Like southwestforests said, just the increase in inflation is a pretty significant increase! I think it's incredibly hard for kids to get into it nowadays because of the expense, and the frustration a lot of them have when they end up with a glue bomb after all that expense and time. That's why it's so great seeing veteran model builders take up mentor roles! I've seen miracles from these types of people! One consolation is younger people getting into drone piloting which...at least is something? That's its own can of worms of course. You open up a Revell and you don't find any worms in there, although the sprue trees can certainly look like it!
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