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  1. Is that guy scratchbuilt or is there an actual kit that tiny?
  2. I don't know what the critiques of the Kinetic kits are but it looks incredible. Was the FLIR pod part of the kit or did you did it up from the parts bin?
  3. This actually reminds me of the first design proposal for Mitsubishi F-2A. Really.
  4. I must say I'm impressed with the final product, but I'm also really impressed with the attention to detail included in the base kit itself and just the attention to design the 2009 movie people put into the ship. The detail of the individual phaser turrets in particular is just freaking insane! 🤪
  5. The Monogram kit of this subject has always been one of my favorite kits of all time - but this is like the Super Mega Ultra Superman Incredible Hulk Ferrari Lamborghini version!
  6. A decent Concorde again, preferably in a large scale but I'll take 144 A 1/72 BUFF
  7. Stupid question is that a reinforcing joint on the vert stab? Given how old these things are I can believe it.
  8. I'm pretty sure there are aftermarket parts for the 1/72, and also there've been a few 72 kits out there before they started routinely pulling the turkey feathers off so you might have some luck there too. I'll get back with some better research.
  9. I've been recently laid off from my job (tutoring) and I'd appreciate any job search help you can offer for a remote position job (no financial/otherwise handouts, just looking for a new job)
  10. I don't know how many of you end up with toys around the house, whether as part of collections for other hobbies or just for the sake of the kids. But I swear toys are about the only things that use C and D cell batteries as pretty much everything else has gone with integrated rechargable packs. I just found a large store of C cells in my basement, got them for a couple of battery operated dome lights that I think we ended up getting rid of. Put some batteries into some Nerf guns I have because wth am I gonna do with them otherwise?🤪
  11. ...so I understand that this post is a year old (yeah I don't come here much often :p) but it says "Publications" on my graduate school certificate so....
  12. ...so...does Tyler Rogoway scope out ARC then? https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/36009/f-102-delta-daggers-weapons-bays-combined-rockets-and-missiles-in-a-feat-of-cold-war-ingenuity Asking because I submit this as evidence that I'm seriously convinced he does.
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