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  1. Its been a while since i finished the Tomcat but here is my latest build a Italeri 1/72 Intruder A6-E. I used Mr Hobby paints, Promodellers Dark Wash, and Hi Decals decals. I got the kit from ebay but it didn't have any decals and i could only find the Hi Decals in 1/72 and i have to say they were the worst decals i've ever had the misfortune of using, they were brittle, wouldn't settle even with micro sol and would brake up if you looked at them the wrong way :D , hence why some of them never made it on to the intruder, this is the first time i've used their decals so maybe i had on old dodgy set from Hannants? but i wasn't impressed. Anyway here are the pics, i'm quite happy how it turned out in the end i loved the kit and will get another, just waiting for the Trumpeter 1/32 intruder! Hope you like. GHost
  2. Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help, I'm building a Tamiya A-1H Skyraider with the Airwaves wingfold set and i want to add the 20mm cannon at the end of the wing, problem is i cant seem to find any nice close up pics of the wing folded showing the cannon, can anyone point me in the direction of a website or better still share a pic they have . Cheers Doc
  3. This has been my favorite thread on any model forum, i have loved every update and the end result is just fantastic. A big :) to you Chuk thats one of the best models I've ever seen thank you sharing the build and i cant wait for your next project :D
  4. Hi Agelos2005, I got it here http://www.hiroboy.com/catalog/product_inf...roducts_id=2466 they ship worldwide and are great to deal with B)
  5. Few more Pics All comments Welcome Dr Savage
  6. Finally finished my Tomcat for the Naval Group Build on Promodeller.com, it's the first 'Cat i've built and i had my ups and downs putting it together but it was fun. Kit manufacture: Hasegawa Scale: 1/48 Type: F-14 Tomcat Extras used: Black Box Bombcat Resin Conversion with Cockpit, Eduard Photoetch, Hasegawa Weapons, FighterTown Decals, Finemolds Pitot tube Paints and colours used: Mr Hobby Colour 307, 308,337, AlcladII Titanium Gold, Games Workshop Chainmail, Boltgun, Promodellers Dark Wash, Xtracrylix Matt Varnish Other Info : Full Build Here http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=162034
  7. Finally finished! But it didn't all go to plan I had a some hismaps, somehow i managed to lose two of the sensor probes to the carpet monster! one of the uss John F kennedy decals has vanished? no idea when that came off as i only noticed it when i was taking the photo's and to top it off i managed to get a super glue finger print on the canopy when i was fitting it!!! apart from that i'm pretty happy how it turned out, i will definately be making another Tomcat and Definately be using Fightertown Decals again :D Here's a couple of pics of her finished i'll put some more in the Critique Corner thread. Dr Savage
  8. Hi All, I'm after some pics of RBF tags on a F-14B can anyone help me out Cheers Dr Savage
  9. Hi All , A quick update, i've been working as fast as i can to get my Tomcat finished before Christmas so i've not had chance to take many pics. Since my last update i've covered the engine shrouds in Scale motor sport 1/48 carbon decal I applied 4 decals in total one for each and bottom, i made a template from kitchen foil first then transfered this to the decal cut it out and applied it. Not sure if i would do this again on my next build as i found the decal needed quite a lot of Micro sol and no matter how hard i tired i couldn't get them to lay wrinkle free, but they don't look too bad Now onto the fun part Decals, i cant praise the Fighter Town Decals enough, they come off the backing paper nicely they are a joy to use and work really well with Micro sol, they are highly recommended and i will defiantly use them again . After the decals i gave the 'Cat another coat of Klear, this is the part i hate the most as i still cant seem to spray Klear with much success and this time it was a real disaster as i dropped my H&S Evolution airbrush and it went straight down pointed end first onto the concreate floor!!! :) , the only good bit was i had finished spraying, i need a new .4mm needle set DOh! After i had calmed down from my mishap with the airbrush i applied Promodeller dark wash every where, then once dry removed the excess, i then fished painting the wheel bay doors, ladder and steps and fitted them along with the weapon Pylons. I still had my .2 needle so i then gave it a bit more weathering with some Tamiya smoke and then fitted the GUB-12's, so it looks like this now I just need to give everything a flat coat then i can get the masking tape off fit some RBF tags and i should be finished Nearly forgot the seats! started them today, they still need a bit of work and a flat coat too. Hopefully my next update will be with some finished pics
  10. Hi Kostas Yeah i know, my mistake but i'm gonna leave now as i just want to get it finished for my group build.
  11. Wow that is beautiful, your scratch building is amazing and the painting jaw dropping too, keep up the good work :wub:
  12. Hi geedubelyer, after the decals are on and another coat of klear i'm going to be using the Promodeller wash for the panel lines, its great stuff
  13. Thanks for all the comments everyone :wub: but you did have me checking my wings tho for a minuet!!!!
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