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  1. Think we are talking about the Russian 159th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment based at Stargard
  2. From http://www.sharpshooter-maj.com/html/deploy83.htm CRESTED CAP (Autumn Forge) Ramstein AB (West Germany) 5 SEPTEMBER - 3 OCTOBER 1983 Wing/Squadron (Base/Command) Aircraft Type (Number Deployed) Tailcode (colour) 4 TFW/336 TFS (Seymour-Johnson AFB, Tactical Air Command) F-4E (24) SJ (yellow - except where noted) stagger Deployed Aircraft Serials (Colour) [notes] stagger 71-1397 72-0135[1] 72-0161[3] 72-1479[2] 72-1490 7
  3. Fred, Even with this white it already start looking great 🙂
  4. Really love your work, for sure it will look great when finished 🙂
  5. Gabor, I only gave a solution to solve this big big big mistake from Airfix Regards, Pieter
  6. You can easily roll an oil barrel with a diameter of 57 cm under the tail with 60 cm clearance, till you "hit" the plane. Small piece of wood to secure it from rolling back and job done. It does not have to stand up straight.
  7. OK, now we will see approx. 20 pages about cancelling pre-orders 🙂
  8. Shot of Su-35S s/n RF-81745/57 to show the exhaust position, made during ARMY 2017 by Frank Swinkels who gave his permission to use it here
  9. Sometimes you need spare parts and they are not there... so you have to cannibalize other planes :-(
  10. Gabor, the Mig-25 RU is 36 white. This photo is made by a friend of mine at Baranovichi in Belarus in 1996. I have his permission to show it here. As you can see there is copyright on this shot
  11. This is the tail of Su-34 s/n RF-95848/15red as seen in September at Kubinka,
  12. Pieter


    F-15J 92-8911 by Pieter, on Flickr
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