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  1. The F-15 is another that has "up/down" flaps. At least on the A, B, C, D
  2. Greetings, Looking for decal from Revell 1/48 AT-6/SNJ - Army option. It is the pre-war aircraft with X-524 fuselage number. It's this boxing: clicky It gives Navy and Army decal options. I would like the Army decals only, please. Let me know what you need for them. thank you!
  3. Cubs2jets, I don't understand what you mean. The Revell kit and the Lindberg kit are both PT-17's. They both have the seven cylinder R-670 engine. I found this photo on google of the Lindberg kit, but I don't see an exhaust collector as a separate part. In any case, it would still be an exhaust collector for a seven cylinder engine, not nine cylinders like the R-680 that goes in the PT-13. clicky
  4. No joy there, the Lindberg is also a PT-17 so it does not have an R-680. The PT-17 uses the Continental R-670 seven cylinder radial engine. The PT-13 uses the Lycoming R-680 nine cylinder radial engine. Different engines with different exhaust collector systems
  5. David, It appears that the R-680 you have has the rear mounted exhaust collector. The front type is very unusual for US radial engines. Here's a nice photo of how it looks on R-680 that goes on a PT-13A. Clicky Also a Wikipedia commons photo of a PT-13D with the R-680. Clicky
  6. Thanks guys. Does Engines & Things include the front mounted exhaust collector? I think that was unique to the PT-13
  7. Greetings, It looks like the newish Revell 1/48 PT-17 Kaydet is a gem. Anyone know of any aftermarket planned for this kit? I know we have decals by Caracal. Come on you resin guys, give us a nice Lycoming R-680 engine so I can make a PT-13 variant.
  8. Looking for 1/72 Revell/Matchbox/HobbyCraft DHC-6 Twin Otter. Prefer USA for shipping cost. Canada probably good too. Cheerio!
  9. There is an early F-86 on a pedestal in Draper, Utah at the Utah Air National Guard headquarters. See link below. Note the tail number (may not be correct) is 49-1273 which according to my references is in the A model range. It has the vee shaped windscreen but also has the fairing for the all flying tail. Sorry the vee shaped windscreen does not show well in the photos on the link. Where some A models retrofitted with the all flying tail? Or is this more likely an E that has been painted to represent an A? Cheerio! Clicky
  10. I picked Sgt Ralph "Bob" Wolton; #UM N 'cause most people don't choose to do an enlisted man's airplane. Just sayin'
  11. I just bought a Wolfpack T-38A from evilBay after reading good reviews of the kit. It looks like it needs better ejection seats. I see that Wolfpack itself actually makes aftermarket ejection seats. However, I have two Sword T-38A's in my stash that have now lost their collector value. They have excellent resin seats, so I am thinking of "liberating" them. Is anyone else with Sword T-38's in their collection thinking of the same thing? FWIW, the Sword decals are pretty nice too. I have plans to do two different T-38's. A plain-jane white rocket from Laughlin AFB circa 1983 using the Fujimi decals, and an AT-38B "Teeny Tiger" from Holloman AFB circa 1984. Will have to scrounge decals for that one. Two Bob's did a now long out of production sheet that covered the AT-38B's. cheers!
  12. Very nice work. It appears that AIM of the UK is going to be releasing a Cessna 310 "Blue Canoe" in their resin line in both 1/72 and 1/48. They just released a CASA 212 light transport aircraft also in both scales. AIM72 AZ was supposed to make some new 1/72 general aviation aircraft (Cessna 180, 185) but still no signs of them on their website. I would love to see a Cirrus SR22, Cessna 182, or Columbia 400 (Cessna TT Corvalis) in any scale.
  13. Here are a couple of nice photos of C models that show the dorsal fin extension. It is very different than the D model type. I always liked the look of the dorsal fin extension on the C models. P-51C Excalibur III Another of a what appears to me as an F-6C but is labelled as a P-51C-1NT. P-51C-1NT
  14. Ham

    P-38 colour question

    Ask and ye shall receive...OK actually this is all I have. Photo of 12th Fighter Squadron pilots at Fighter 2 airstrip on Guadalcanal, summer 1943. My dad Steven W. Hockett is back row, second from left. His good friend Bill Smith is back row, far right. Squadron commander, Lew Kittel is middle row, third from left.
  15. Ham

    P-38 colour question

    Greetings mates, I just stumbled across this thread. I think I may have some photos to contribute. Two photos of my late father (Steven W. Hockett) taken on Guadalcanal during the summer of 1943 while he was a pilot assigned to the 12th Fighter Squadron. Serial number of the top aircraft is 43-2187. The bottom aircraft is serial number 43-2186. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, two more possibly undocumented Guadalcanal P-38G's. According to my dad, the Army fighter squadrons shared the P-38's So, even though the P-38's were nominally assigned to the 339th FS, they were flown by pilots from the 12th FS as well. I don't know if the 44th FS, and 67th FS shared them also. There were simply not enough P-38's to go around in the South Pacific.
  16. I have given away a lot of models to friends and colleagues especially while I was in the Air Force. If you can get money for them that is good.
  17. I think the Academy P-51 makes a good early Allison Mustang. With a little work you can modify it into a P-51A (carburator intake shape and guns) I think the Academy P-51 can be made into an A-36 as well. Most of the same modifications that apply to the P-51A. Possibly a prop with more chord on the blades giving more of a paddle-blade shape. Or you can go with a Special Hobby P-51A, but it is rather short-run in fit. For the P-51B/C, we are still waiting for the definitive kit in 1/72. I prefer the Hasegawa kit and can live with its limitations. I modify the wing leading edge near the fuselage/main gear join for a more accurate shape. I don't like the wide mouth on the Academy P-51B/C kits. It just looks wrong to me. Your milage may vary. cheers!
  18. Peachy Mauve sounds like the name of a Bond girl. Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  19. You probably already know about this link, but IPMS Roscoe Turner has a nice walk around with cockpit photos of the AF Museum B-26K. In any case, it may be helpful. clicky I found this one helpful as well. clicky cheers
  20. Ham

    Aifix Spitfire 1/72

    Greetings, The IXc is a bit of a disappointment to say the least but it did come out first. I can't remember what year it came out. A few years ago. Lots of people speak highly of the shape of the new tool IX. I don't like the shape of the horizontal stabilizers. I built one but won't build another. The new tool Ia came out last year. I have not tried to fit the Ia cockpit into a IX. It might work. Personally, I will wait for the new AZ IXc and I have already picked up the new Sword IXe and XVIe. Very nice kits. cheers!
  21. Just by chance I stumbled across "China Clipper (1936) on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) last night. Movie is typical 1930's fare but it has lots of great footage of the actual Martin M-130 flying boats. Very cool. Clicky This flick is well worth watching if only for the historical aviation footage. Apparently, all three Martin clippers were eventually lost to crashes. Check out TCM if you get it, hopefully they will run this flick again this month. Some photos of the China Clipper in the link below. Clicky cheers!
  22. Greetings, To my knowledge, we haven't had a kit of the FW 190G-3 in 1/72 scale. I think Hasegawa boxed a G-8 back in the 1990's but I have not seen it. I think I would start with an easily obtainable Hasegawa 190A-5 or A-6 (same plastic, different decals) or possibly a Hasegawa 190F-8. The G-3 was based on the A-6 but should have the nose guns removed. You will need to do some filling to solve this problem. You would need to do the same with the F-8 although it will give you some bombs, etc. The G-3 was a long-range fighter bomber and normally carried two wing tanks and a center line bomb. The Hasegawa A-5 or A-6 is easy to find on eBay and not very expensive. This may be of some help. Clicky cheers!
  23. Spitfire (Merlin) T-38 (it's got an area rule fuselage that looks like Marilyn Monroe was the model) Constellation (it's kind of like a four engine Spitfire) Honorable mention to the F-15 because I flew them Honorable mention to the P-38 because my dad flew them Honorable mention as well to the chick shown above in a previous posting
  24. Greetings, I would like to do an early P-47D-4 from the 348th Fighter Group, New Guinea, circa early 1944. These early Fifth Air Force D's carried a tank specially made in Brisbane, Australia. Looking at photos on the drop tank link it appears it might be possible to cobble something together using the flat tank that comes in the Tamiya 1/72 and 1/48 kits. Has anyone built a Brisbane tank for their models? If so, how did you do it? Scale doesn't really matter as I think the skillset to build it will be universal. cheers! clicky
  25. It really astonishes me what people will pay for stuff on eBay, except when I am selling it. Here is a Hawkeye 1/72 P-51B corrected wing that went for over $50.00! I suggested to Chris Bucholtz of Obsureco that he release a dropped flap correct wing for the Hasegawa or Academy P-51B. clicky
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