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  1. Sarathi S.

    Bell AH-1T4 Sea Cobra

    With what looks like an M230, no less
  2. Sarathi S.

    Kitty Hawk AH-6J/M replacing rivets (finished)

    Your friend is wrong. AH-6Js and Ms have always been painted black, save for one or two examples that were painted gray for test purposes.
  3. Sarathi S.

    Live Resin UH 60 external weapon mounts

    Also according to my Pave Hawk maintainer friend, miniguns have been phased out downrange in favor of GAU-18s.
  4. Sarathi S.

    Italeri 1/72 AH-1W Cobra

    the Olimp Models NTS conversion also had a couple sets of markings included as well.
  5. Sarathi S.

    AH-1Z Cobra in 1/72? How to?

    I did something similar and posted on here (at least I think I did). Took the FOV Viper and replaced the Sidewinders and Hellfires with stuff out of the spares box, and the pitot tube and air data probe with bent wire and more parts from the spares box.
  6. Sarathi S.

    1:72 Italeri AH-64D Apache Longbow prototype

    Great work! Are those Stinger launchers off the Academy kit?
  7. Sarathi S.

    AH-1Z Cobra in 1/72? How to?

    Considering you basically have to rebuild the transmission housing, nose, tail, and stub wings, it's not worth it to try to convert a W into a Z.
  8. Sarathi S.

    B-2 Retirement

    B-2 is still nuke capable, it's just restricted by START to carrying gravity bombs only. B-52 is nuke cruise missile capable, which is likely what you were thinking of.
  9. Sarathi S.

    AH-1Z Cobra in 1/72? How to?

    The Olimp kit will get you a late Cobra since it has the NTS exhaust, but you're SOL for turning it into a Z.
  10. Sarathi S.

    12 Strong MH-47Gs

    So, I just got back from watching 12 Strong last night. Good movie, I was especially pleased to see that they got the Nightstalkers' cooperation for the movie. Nautrally being me, I was wondering if anyone knew which MH-47s were used in filming.
  11. Sarathi S.

    AH-6C, MH-6 photos from AH6C-SIP-PICS ARE BACK!

    Too bad the pics all died when Photobucket went full Bond villain
  12. Sarathi S.

    Ace Combat: Yellow 13 SU 33 Paint choices

    http://hasegawa-model.co.jp/hp/catalog/acecombat_sries/sp_site/SP312katagami.pdf Also a masking pattern for the scheme. ... I swear I'm going to get to my Yellow 13 kit eventually...
  13. Sarathi S.

    US Special Forces vehicles

    Humvees, cut down M1078s, the SXF variant of the MATV. Rangers in Iraq also used Strykers, and Delta has a few Pandur 6x6 APCs.