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  1. I'm in agreement with Tank. Use the "the squadron hasn't painted it yet" excuse. Saves me a LOT of headaches. (And is accurate, in the case of 167's Zulus up until like, March)
  2. I'd be interested in 1/72
  3. You can make a reasonably close approximation of an MH-60S.
  4. 303 are... special. Oh so special.
  5. Yes, but it also has the dual ALE-39 buckets, which weren't installed until 2013-1014, around concurrent with HDTS.
  6. Probably not. Even if it was modeled, aircraft configured as shown in the box art would have had HDTS in place of HSS.
  7. Good to see the tradition of cruise markings is continuing
  8. It's a Zulu. It would get dirty no matter what. Maybe not as dirty as a deployable aircraft since it is at the training squadron, but it would still get grimy. Looking good.
  9. Exactly, so get out of here, silly rabbit!
  10. The towel bar's been deleted off of H-60s for quite some time now. Don't remember if the OGS birds had them removed, but there are plenty of pics in the reference thread.
  11. You mean Zulu. Because that's actually what happened. :P
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