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  1. Some further progress, the Aggressor Gray (Hataka HTK-C157) is on (and highlighted a number of seams that need attention, unfortunately). I'm pleased with the way it went on over the blackbasing, given it's my first time really using the technique.
  2. Got a decent amount done over the weekend and this morning, blackbasing and crew figures are done. Build up of the paint was done with Tamiya NATO Black, Neutral Gray (XF-53), Light Gray (XF-66) and Deck Tan (XF-55) sprayed through Uschi stencils over Mr. Surfacer 1500 Black
  3. Tried out AMMO's non-skid paste, I rather like how it comes out. Application was by some spare open-cell sponge foam I had lying around.
  4. Reedoak pilots came in, they look absolutely fantastic. Will likely get these painted up tonight.
  5. Doesn't look like I'll be able to finish mine up either, but that's what I get for starting so late.
  6. Well done! Where did the extra antennas come from? The Cobra Company set?
  7. Made a decent bit of progress over the weekend, getting ready to get the fuselage together tonight or tomorrow. This has made me remember the shortcomings of the Hase Tomcat, namely how fiddly parts like the flaps get.
  8. Motivation ended up kicking in later than expected, and I finally got on the wagon, so hopefully I'll be able to get this build cranked out by the time the group build ends. Base kit is the Hasegawa F-14D "Ace Combat Cherry Blossom." I absolutely loathe the scheme it comes with in the box, so instead will be a Tomcat in Mod Eagle with ISAF markings from Ace Combat 04, as below. Decals will be partly custom printed, partly taken from the Ace Combat 04 F-22 Mobius 1 kit, partially from a CAM decals VF-11 set. Other aftermarket will be Reedoak pilot figures.
  9. Hopping in on this, pretty close to the wire. Going to do a what-if build based off the Ace Combat universe, 1/72 Hasegawa F-14D in the above markings, mostly because Tomcats look gorgeous in Mod Eagle and it's something unique. Decals will be partially custom printed, partially pulled from the Ace Combat 04 F-22 kit, also have crew figures from Reedoak on the way.
  10. Exactly my question, does it have the D engines or is it just the early A kit with the wing sprue replaced and the late "A" bits added?
  11. I wouldn't really call it a sex change, more like an intense gym regimen...
  12. Sarathi S.


    In what scale? The Hasegawa weapon sets in 1/72 have the appropriate racks. I think some options have popped up in 1/48, but I'm not super well read on those.
  13. Still sad we'll likely never see the Kitty Hawk NTS Whiskey. 1/35 is just a skosh too big for my tastes
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