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  1. The clearances are so tight that you probably could get away with just gluing the bombs to the pallets, unless it was in a large scale. Heck, the DCS F-14 doesn't actually have the racks modeled yet.
  2. I can't remember the designation, but they're not TERs. Originally I believe the Phoenix pallets had hardpoints for bombs on the corners. The DCS F-14B has the loadout sort of modeled if you want more documentation.
  3. I'd say CARC, given that the markings look to be OD
  4. It honestly depends on the crew chiefs, since stowing the ropes is their responsibility.
  5. They did fit checks and that's as far as it got.
  6. Oh boy I can't wait to have to put conversations on hold every time they launch a bird
  7. That new antenna looks like the same one that some of the -60s have mounted forward of the windscreen
  8. I've seen an official DOD photographer refer to a Yankee as a Cobra before. That was entertaining.
  9. A coworker was on that MEU with 269, they had 4 Ts. Also as per anecdotal evidence by Supercobra, who I believe was also with 269 during that timeframe, the Cobras on the Nassau were painted over in gray while underway, the Whiskeys they put on a shore det were to receive the same treatment but didn't have enough of the correct gray, so they painted over the green with black instead, giving rise to the Shamu scheme that 269 wore throughout the 90s. Also, Sharp Edge was in 1990, not 91, and I'm not certain those were 269's helos. Regarding painting the gray, I would try light coats of 35237 as that's what they most likely would have gone with.
  10. You're correct, 269's MEU birds painted over the 3-color with gray they had on the ship.
  11. Oh, absolutely. Why pay money for something you're not using.
  12. Not really, APKWS and Spike are two completely different range brackets.
  13. There are some more pictures of that camo bird in Mike Verier's new Cobra book
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