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  1. Sherman, not sure if you still need references, but the 160th SOAR youtube channel has some good shots. Below is a video of DAPs with some good views of sensors.
  2. I think Gunny's aiming to build a whole MAW's worth of Echoes lol
  3. Correct, LD, the UH-1N has been completely retired from USMC and USN service. The USAF still has them but will eventually be replacing them with the MH-139. The "retired" Yankees are going to the desert for storage because they have more aircraft than they do squadrons for them after shutting down HMLA-269 and HMLA-469 as part of FD2030.
  4. You thought incorrectly, last I heard the sundown for the AV-8B is not until 2027.
  5. Does Simone have a catalog listed anywhere? Poking back through ARC threads isn't the most efficient of methods to figure out what he's got available.
  6. Not the biggest image since I had to screenshot, but is this by chance what you were referring to? Link is below https://www.instagram.com/p/CY9QHFLLvbg/
  7. Zulu does not have the capability to carry or fire TOW, it doesn't have the TSU or any of the requisite electronics for TOW. There was a slightly big hullabaloo when it was being procured because some members of the Cobra community didn't think divesting the TOW capability entirely was a good idea. Italeri's AH-1T in 1/72 and 1/48 both have the TOW nose as well.
  8. Oooh, those look very nice! Do you have plans for filled versions as well?
  9. How is it a missed opportunity if the scheme was unveiled nearly a month after the sheet was released for sale?
  10. That's awesome, Dave! Any hints as to what they are?
  11. Definitely something I'd be interested in as well. Also, NTS conversions
  12. 71's tri-color scheme is and will likely remain my favorite special paint job on any Zulu for the foreseeable future.
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