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  1. Is this going to be primarily for gray Novembers, I'm assuming? Need to ask a coworker of mine about the BuNo of his bird, but he's going to be in Okinawa for another week or so.
  2. Noted, I'll keep an eye out. On another note, I'm looking forward to 160820 going on display. I miss seeing her in the hangar at New River.
  3. Is there any word on when the Kitty Hawk Whiskey is releasing?
  4. You likely see only one installed because the space for the two outward facing seats is generally taken up by ammo cans when IDAS is installed, and the crew chief/door gunner will sit on the floor.
  5. I definitely recommend toning down the light gray on the rivets on the interior, they don't stand out that much on the real thing. Or you can do a layer of dust over it, because they do pick that up extremely well.
  6. Gotta love that 85% parts commonality
  7. Amazing work! I especially love the weathering on the doghouse.
  8. I'm in agreement with Tank. Use the "the squadron hasn't painted it yet" excuse. Saves me a LOT of headaches. (And is accurate, in the case of 167's Zulus up until like, March)
  9. I'd be interested in 1/72
  10. You can make a reasonably close approximation of an MH-60S.
  11. Yes, but it also has the dual ALE-39 buckets, which weren't installed until 2013-1014, around concurrent with HDTS.
  12. Probably not. Even if it was modeled, aircraft configured as shown in the box art would have had HDTS in place of HSS.
  13. Good to see the tradition of cruise markings is continuing
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