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  1. Any more pictures of that Knighthawks CAG bird? That nose art looks interesting.
  2. I would love it if you or Floyd would start putting out sets for the Italeri MH-60K, especially stuff to bring it up to modern -60 standards. MH-60M nose, LASS, stuff like that. Wishful thinking maybe.
  3. He's been putting them out in batches, he cut back when his wife was diagnosed some time in 2020. I got lucky and snagged one of the 1/48 MH-60K sets before all that happened.
  4. Great work! Are the under-nose flare buckets in the kit, or did you procure them elsewhere?
  5. Huh, I had that 21st Century Toys Huey when I was a kid, good times.
  6. My desire for a 1/48 MH-60M conversion is growing yet again. Come on Floyd, hook a brother up...
  7. Not to derail the topic, but Arno, I was hearing rumors that BAM was considering doing a Super Tomcat 21 conversion as well? I would be VERY interested if that were to in fact happen.
  8. Kind of a shame, really, I wouldn't mind doing a what-if bird in a world where MAK-79 got fielded
  9. I thought Alphas never got JDAM because they didn't have a 1553 bus?
  10. Harriers are still quite a ways from being retired from USMC service, current estimate is sundown in 2026 or 2027 last I heard. That gun-less Zulu is interesting, must be on a functional check flight or something of the sort.
  11. Still waiting on decals, and also prepping for a move, so no progress to speak of
  12. The comment about the weight issues of the electronics mirrors the issues UH-1Ns had before the UH-1Y finally hit the fleet. Good read.
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