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  1. Exactly, so get out of here, silly rabbit!
  2. The towel bar's been deleted off of H-60s for quite some time now. Don't remember if the OGS birds had them removed, but there are plenty of pics in the reference thread.
  3. You mean Zulu. Because that's actually what happened. :P
  4. MIL-C-46168 is the type of paint, FS36231 is the color.
  5. UH-1Y pilots use the OTO helmet. Crew chiefs would be wearing HGU-84/P.
  6. At least unlike the G, the W can get off the ground with a full warload... Honestly though, very glad they're releasing a modern W. I can have one sitting with my KH Zulu and not have to worry about finding aftermarket for the Italeri Whiskey, or, god forbid, fixing the Academy 1/35 Whiskey.
  7. It's a combo of all of the above. But 11bee is right, Marine aviation (and NAVAIR in general) isn't in the greatest of places right now. It's getting better, hopefully, but it's not 100% yet.
  8. Whiskeys are the hotness. It's going to be sad when they're gone for good.
  9. I really need to pay more attention. I didn't even realize 269 had gotten Zulus yet. On another note, those MEU birds from 267 look slick.
  10. GAU-19 isn't used by SOAR as a door gun to my knowledge, but they do use it on AH-6s, usually in conjunction with a 7 or 19-shot Hydra pod on the opposite side of the aircraft.
  11. Sounds about on par with what I've heard about Whiskey guys. With Hellfire and TOW being a thing, the need for Zuni kind of evaporated.
  12. Bryan, which Cobra book? The Osprey one published in 1990?
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