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  1. Could be that Spiral Wing Aviation company you've mentioned previously in this thread. Their website appears to be defunct, but I'm sure another outfit has come forward to fill the gap.
  2. Doesn't necessarily have to be an FCD MD530, could potentially be a contracted bird.
  3. Beautiful work, I'll always have a soft spot for the 4BW.
  4. Really wish they'd scale these down to 1/48 too
  5. (And for tabletop wargaming transport purposes but that's another matter)
  6. If they make the wings stowable that would be great for storage.
  7. She's a SOAR bird. Of COURSE she's seen war action.
  8. Haha fair, but you've gotta remember the cut down M60s were significantly lighter than M240s, and by virtue of being in SOF armories probably had CONSIDERABLE work done to them to ensure they functioned as advertised.
  9. In my totally unscientific, wholly subject to user discretion understanding of SMU belt-fed choices, SEALs stuck with the M60 until the Mk. 48 came around, while Delta used the HK21, of all things. The Mk. 48 wasn't officially fielded until around 2003, so it's not a surprise that guys were still rocking pigs.
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/MilitaryPorn/comments/cc0h5v/devgru_gold_sqdn_hangin_around_the_mh6m_little/ Per this post and the comments, the picture of 353 looks to be during OIF. Would explain the M4, the new boots, and what looks like an EoTech on the M60.
  11. That's not a SAW, it's definitely an M60E3 or E4. Given it appears to have some sort of reflex optic (I can't tell if it's an EoTech or not), what looks like a KAC suppressor and PEQ-2 on the M4 behind the guy lying down, and the fact that the guys around the helo are all wearing more modern-styled boots rather than issued kit, I'm leaning towards post '03 Iraq as well.
  12. Upon further combing of my memory banks I recalled that in Durant's book he mentioned having IR lasers to aim the miniguns. I just for whatever reason thought they were mounted to the guns themselves rather than on the nose.
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