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  1. That is what I recall as well. The pictures back it up, if you look you can see that the pattern is the same as the 3-color Land Camo scheme, just all gray.
  2. Dave, are Rockeyes/Mk.7 dispensers and Mk. 82s with BSU-49 tails by chance somewhere on the docket?
  3. Love the liveries for the HH-60H. Really wish it was in 1/48 but still awesome.
  4. To be fair the GOLDEH WAEHCH is like the second thing I noticed too... Build looks amazing though.
  5. You and everybody else. Turns out they were "retired" instead of retired.
  6. Could be that Spiral Wing Aviation company you've mentioned previously in this thread. Their website appears to be defunct, but I'm sure another outfit has come forward to fill the gap.
  7. Doesn't necessarily have to be an FCD MD530, could potentially be a contracted bird.
  8. Beautiful work, I'll always have a soft spot for the 4BW.
  9. Really wish they'd scale these down to 1/48 too
  10. (And for tabletop wargaming transport purposes but that's another matter)
  11. If they make the wings stowable that would be great for storage.
  12. She's a SOAR bird. Of COURSE she's seen war action.
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