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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm not sure why I assumed it was acrylic. I don't have anything but the gloss itself. Maybe I'll order some thinner since whenever I bought this stuff I apparently thought I needed a lot. THanks, again.
  2. I was rummaging through my old supplies in the closet and came across some Mr. Hobby Mr. Color "Super Gloss II" (CL184). I know it's a clear coat and I assume it's acrylic. What I don't know is if I can or should thin it. What's the best thing to thin it with, alcohol, water? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. It's been a multi-year effort but I finally finished my paint booth. I have a nice room in the basement that's all mine and it gets used, mostly, for modeling. It gets mighty cold in the winter and trudging back and forth to the garage to paint is such a pain that I find myself putting off modeling projects. I've been working on a paint booth for several years and kept running into roadblocks. I kept putting off completion but I think I am finally in business. The last hurdle was what seemed like "feedback", for lack fo a better term, that was causing the fan to not remove the fumes. I f
  4. Thanks to all. I guess this has been happening to me all along except to a lesser extent. Seems like the particular base coat color is the worst I've experienced. I will definitely try the "fixing" suggestion and see how that goes. Thanks again.
  5. I need some help with weathering using pastel chalks. I use the small artist stick pastels. They're very fine and I shave them to a powder with the edge of a razor balde. I have always had good luck but I am having some trouble. I'm actually working on an armor project but it's a general question. I painted the chassis a weathered black as a base coat. I applied the pastels in varying shades and had everything looking really nice. I then applied a light coat of sealer, Testors DullCote from the can. I like the stuff because it's easy and always goes on nice and smooth. This time, howev
  6. Sorry to be the first negative reply but I placed my first order with them 3 weeks ago. I was pleased to see the shipping on all but one item was free. I happily paid $6 or so for the other and waited for the package to be on its way. All items were listed as "in stock", but it never shipped. I got an email this morning saying 2 of the 4 items shipped with the other 2 now listed as "available". I read that as backordered. I'm not sure why they waited to ship so long. So far I'm not impressed but we'll see how it turns out in the end.
  7. I'm ready to place an order through Lucky Model for a few items. Seems like they are a reputable dealer and the prices are actually pretty good. This may be a dumb question but should I be worried about paying via credit card? Also, should I expect any additional charges from my card issuer since the company is based in Hong Kong? Thanks.
  8. It seems to me that Aires is the go-to manufacturer for aftermarket aircraft detail sets. I have been interested in several over the last couple of years but have not been able to actually find any to buy. I am impatient, I admit it. I have yet to find a kit that I want in stock at any retailer I have found. Where is everyone getting these sets? I know they're out there because almost no model is posted on ARC without an Aires cockpit (I'm not sure why model companies even include cockpits at all anymore!!). Anyone know a good, consistent, comprehensive, and reliable source?
  9. I rarely post anything here but I visit ARC almost every single day. I don't have the time to do nearly as much work on my projects as I wish could but I am always inspired by what I see on ARC. Sometimes it's a bad thing because it keeps makes it hard for me to stay focused on my one project when I see all the really great stuff others here are doing. It seems like the internet is about 90% doom and gloom these days so ARC is always my first stop of the day to get things going on a positive note. The (rambling) point is that I am constantly reminded how hard it has to be for Steve and e
  10. Doesn't it seem like they should have done this evaluation before they had completed 3 or 4 ships of the class? Also, those existing ships will not go away. I don't think I would be too comfortable serving on a ship my commanders now say is "inneffective" and "lacks survivability."
  11. As much as I love aircraft models I purchased a 1/350 USS New Jersey some time ago to build for the misses. She's a Jersey girl and was really excited about it. I've been struggling with it and put it off for a long time. I find lots of great tips and motivating ideas on ARC and hope there are some equally good resources out there for ships. I've done some searches several times and haven't found much, certainly nothing like ARC. ANyone have any sites they would recommend, especially for more modern (20th century+) ship modeling? Thanks, TxAg94
  12. Thanks for the input. I see a lot of you like H&S Infinity. What is the dial on the nozzle for: "adjustable quick-fix end piece with dial"? I assume each tip is a set size and has a corresponding needle. What about availability of parts? If I chose to try this one should I just order a set of spares up front, or accessories? I think I can keep the old Badger around for general painting. It still works fine for that and the paint cup is plenty big. Looks like the H&S would be good for getting down to better detail painting.
  13. I know this is risky, everyone has their favorite, but I'm really interested in some recommendations for a new airbrush. I have been using an old Sears (Badger 150) for about 25 years. It's been great but it just seems like it's wearing out. I've replaced many major components but I'd like to move into the 21st century. I'm hoping that I'll get enough input from the experts here to spot some trend on what would be at least one good option. There are so many manufacturers and options out there that it makes me dizzy. Here's what I would like: A good all-around airbrush that will do a re
  14. I find it sad, too, that his greatest achievements, what he obviously feels are his defining accomplishments, are actually failures. He managed to build the P-51 and B-36 he's most proud of but as functional examples of their intended purpose, flying models, they are failures. I plan to at least try to track this guy down and see his shop. I bet he has amassed quite a collection of neat stuff.
  15. From one of our local newspapers: The Plane Truth / Man has lifelong love of model planes, big ones "I figured, in my 30s, I had to quit women or quit models," he said. "You crash a woman, she can't fix your TV dinner or whatever."
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