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  1. I can't find the instructions for assembling the nozzles. What should it look like when finished? which parts go where? I see several locating pins inside. which ones should be used? Which way do I slide the pieces, is there a front and a back? For the pieces that do not fit inside, is there a top and a bottom? they are not symmetrical.
  2. Arnaud. I received the F15 STOL/FTD set and it's an absolute beauty of a kit. Worth every Euro. I can't find the instructions on your website for it though. Are those coming?
  3. pookie


    What if they made a kit of the X-29 instead of this goofy kit....
  4. I had not found a picture of the decals from the top. Thank you, I think that concludes my search.
  5. Thank you. I found that image as well, but none of the real airplane.
  6. Hi . I have a few pictures of the plane from the side, but none from above. I need to find the location and size of the red stripes on the wings. Vingtor made those decals but they cannot be found today, so I drew them in Inkscape and I am printing a set. I need help with the wings. Thanks in advance! George.
  7. I think I should have been more specific. 1/48 scale.
  8. I don't think I have ever seen a decal sheet dedicated to T-33 (TV-2) in Navy/Marines service. I could be wrong though.
  9. Plain water has high surface tension and does not like to get under the decals. I put one drop of Dawn liquid soap on a cup of water and it makes the water slide under any decal. It is also very good for thinning water based paints. The soap makes a huge difference.
  10. I agree 100% with the X-31 in 1/48, and the X-32 in 1/48 wouldn't hurt either. I have resin kits for both, but injection molded would be even better.
  11. I only order from them if nobody else has that model, and I order ONE model at a time. So far, it has worked.
  12. 1/72 is not an option for me, so I used a 1/48 BAE hawk as the case and cut, moved, reshaped stuff to get there. I will paint it in the JPATS livery white and red. Decals drawn and printed. Now I just need to get motivated and finish it, the hard work is done.
  13. Trumpeter made the canopy wrong. They used the cheat line as the start of the canopy instead of the start of the glass. Their kits have the chopped look with a very shallow canopy. it's a a very noticeable difference if you build it with the canopy down.
  14. I saw it, but I could not find enough to do this one: EDIT: The (II) is completely different from 1, maybe that's why.
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