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  1. I am interested in the kit w/o the landing gear, I can't message you, the system won't let me for some reason.
  2. Strato, do you still have that X31 kit you started? I never saw pictures wiht the landing gear. I am looking for one of those whole or parts.
  3. Contact them first. How would you like your customers complaining about you without contacting you first?
  4. I don't believe in pre-ordering anything. The only thing I pay in advance is the bus fare. I will be buying one or two when they become available on ebay.
  5. Bear in mind that color matching can vary from lot to lot. There is no guarantee that the bottles you have are the same the rest of us might have. I used to work in the printing industry and I learned never to use different die lots of the same color in the same job.
  6. That canopy... not in a million years... ughh!
  7. Are you guys the same company as Elio motors? A subsidiary perhaps?
  8. It looks like it broke up in mid air.. RIP.
  9. WOW WOW WOW. I have seen it all now, what a mess this kit is. Taking pre-order money from folks here is worse than borrowing money from the mob. The drama on this forum could be seen from outer space. There is no believable time table to get the kit released or even at all. At this moment, the kit is a project on someone's mind, nothing more.
  10. Is there a kit or 1/48 conversion to build this ?
  11. The paint weathering is top notch. The only thing that "jumps' at me is the tires. They are shinny in some pics and the sidewall and thread are the same even color, they look a bit toyish. You might wan to apply your same technique to the tires to make them look more realistic.
  12. If you use water base acrylics, all you need is the paints you already have. Take the paint you used to cover the model and make a few small batches of different tones by adding black to some paint and white to another batch. ( you can also add small amounts of blue or red, etc) Dilute the paint with water and put a tiny amount of dish washing soap to make the paint lay flat...and have at it. A brush works just fine, in fact it works better than an airbrush. You can't go wrong. Just keep it random and avoid doing the same weathering on one wing as the other. I did this in five minutes with a brush and some diluted darker/lighter paint
  13. That's one of the reasons pre-shading makes models look like toys.
  14. That plane doesn't quite look real. The pre-shadowing is not really noticeable enough... That's why I like raised panel line kits, you can get a more realistic look by painting the model and then weathering it the way real airplanes weather.. by abrasion.
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