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  1. 1/72 is not an option for me, so I used a 1/48 BAE hawk as the case and cut, moved, reshaped stuff to get there. I will paint it in the JPATS livery white and red. Decals drawn and printed. Now I just need to get motivated and finish it, the hard work is done.
  2. Trumpeter made the canopy wrong. They used the cheat line as the start of the canopy instead of the start of the glass. Their kits have the chopped look with a very shallow canopy. it's a a very noticeable difference if you build it with the canopy down.
  3. Whatever... I can print that myself.
  4. I saw it, but I could not find enough to do this one: EDIT: The (II) is completely different from 1, maybe that's why.
  5. Cool. I think stencils are sort of redundant, every kit has a good amount of it. The F14B Super tomcat ( white and red) would be awesome to have as well. Also, I didn't see the slanted 1 and 2 (II) on the sheet which is why I was asking about those two.
  6. It's nice to see when a plan comes together. Very cool trio you have there!
  7. Are I and II included in this sheet?
  8. Can you build either version? 1 or 2 seater out of the box like the art work?
  9. They replied and said their system took a dump and cancelled a bunch of orders. I did get a refund 3 days later. I am going to try my luck one more time, they have a model I really want that nobody else has and at a very good price. Will see.
  10. Hello guys. I placed an order with them and about a week later I got an email that I had canceled the order ( I did not ) and that I was refunded ( I was not ) Is that place a legit business? I had never ordered from them. Jorge P.
  11. Thank you guys. I am not a prop guy and it felt like I was building 2 models. Those stripes around the engine nacelles were a PITA.
  12. So I finally finished this model. I was rather upset at how warped the kit was, but so be it. I had the Draw decals for the Cal Fire version and that's what got me to finish the model. I used a resin cockpit that didn't quite fit. I like white and red planes so this fits my little collection quite well.
  13. I use Klean Strip VM&P Naphta I bought at my local ACE hardware store. Perfectly good alternative to Testor's brand. It actually dries a bit too fast.
  14. I am 100% with you on this one. Nothing but DRAMA from the folks here with pre-announced models. Looking forward to the Cheetas 🙂
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