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  1. THEN, you add each camera's white balance setting, type of lighting, etc, etc and you get 100 different tonalities of that color. Paint it the red/orange color you like and I think you'd be just fine.
  2. 1/72 is tiny. Hopefully they'll produce it in 1/48 as well.
  3. I collect-build stuff in 1/48 ( aircraft) and 1/50 ( construction Diecast) so I want to keep it in the family. 1/35 just doesn't play well with 1/48. Is 1/48 armor hopeless or is there enough to get some of the most well known stuff?
  4. So, did he look exactly like the picture in his avatar?
  5. Mineral Spirits is the wrong product. It is good for cleaning after you use oil based paints but not much else. What you need is VM&P Napththa, get a small can from Klean Strip it lasts a long time. It makes Testors oil enamels dry fast and smooth.
  6. That's neat! You might want to post it on the general Forum, a mod could delete this.
  7. Thank you guys, I have never seen one flying. I saw one in a museum once here in Florida.
  8. Beautiful model! That paint scheme is simply awesome.
  9. I wanted to build this version for quite some time, but I had no way to make the rear clear dome. I bought a hobby vacuum former and 3 attempts later... I had it. I also drew the special markings on the PC and had the decals printed, since these have to have a white background and I can't print white on my inkjet. Good old inaccurate Testors kit, but for my tired eyes, it's perfect 🙂 I also used some iridescent film for the bullet proof glass piece up front. Some light scratch building on the cockpit to make it look populated. I used a fuel tank from my spares box, cut it to lengt
  10. I just add plastic strips to the back of the kit's seat to make it a little closer to reality and then I make a duplicate rear seat out of plastic strips as well. I'll taker a picture of that for the one I am building now and post it when I upload that one.
  11. Thank you guys, I know the Testors kit is long in the tooth and not perfect, but neither am I. I want to build as many as I can before my eyes give out and this kit builds fast. I have a couple ICM kits. I am considering doing those as well. Yeah, I did that one first. I used Draw decals which make the early paint scheme version they don't use any more. I am building the 4 and 5 bladed versions they have so I drew decals the other day for those as well. That sheet should keep me busy for a while.
  12. Thank you. I think most modelers are into bombs, rockets and missiles. I like the civilian side of airpower.
  13. My intention is to build all 10 Testors OV-10 models I have. This is #2 so far and it's in the colors of NASA 524 at Langley. I made the decals and the boom, the rest is 100% Testors.
  14. Posted August 28, 2022 So, is www.aircraftresourcecenter.com dead?
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