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  1. Looks interesting so far - looking forward to more. John
  2. Great work Chuck - glad to have you back at the bench! John
  3. That's a great build - your paint work around the exhausts is very effective. John
  4. Thanks very much for the feedback - I really appreciate it! John
  5. A host of Ukrainian manufacturers are still proudly producing their wares. What's your point? John
  6. Looks great so far - sorry to hear about the seat but it sounds like you've got that handled. Looking forward to more! John
  7. Wow - glad I found this thread! Great work so far. John
  8. Seems like the start of a lawyer's commercial, but I'm wondering how many people are missing entire trees from the 1/48 kit. I had received mine and didn't think to check it until I went to build it a couple weeks later and I'm missing trees G and H. Mentioned it to my buddy and he had the same exact issue. I've sent an email through Squadron's "contact us" page, but I haven't received any response. I highly recommend checking your kit to verify all parts are in the box. I hope Brandon will find a solution for this. John
  9. I bought mine from Squadron and it was missing trees G & H and I had two of tree E. John
  10. Thank you very much! It was actually an enjoyable build. John
  11. Thanks very much Gabor! I am going to try and clip those pieces off. I guess I'll find out how durable the CA was... John
  12. I've got the plain jane Zvezda kit arriving today or tomorrow - still plenty of CzAF decals and the IPs from the Eduard box, so there will be another one in the future after I get the gun barrels. I might attempt an in-flight one... Next project on the channel is either a 1/32 MiG-19 or a partially-completed 1/48 AMK F-14D. John
  13. Thanks very much - I just can't bring myself to pay $105 for rivets so the Micro Mark rivets were just what I needed. Honestly I'd like to build another one. John
  14. I tend to have at least two kits in a build rotation. When my interest just starts to wane on one build, I'll pack it up and move to my second (or third) kit and work that one for a while. Keeps my progress going and I feel like I get more done that way without burning out on one project. John
  15. I'll have to revisit the sides of the engine assemblies and check seams. Thanks for the heads up! John
  16. Thank you very much Dutch! I really appreciate it. John
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