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  1. I've finally test-fitted the nose, and it was quite a good fit - but like everything else in the kit there is no positive locating tabs. John
  2. Exactly. I really wanted to hold off installing them, but no dice. Ugh.
  3. Your guess is as good as mine. I got the latest boxing of the Su-35 with resin nozzles, figures, and the Russian Weapon carts for $71. No logic to that.
  4. Part 2 is now available - thanks again ARCers for supporting me!
  5. Fellow ARCers - thanks so much for your viewing of my MiG-25 build review. I've received the Su-30MK recently and here's part 1. Again, my sincere thanks for tuning in!
  6. My fellow ARCers - I've recorded my attempt at building the SH Boston III in French colors during D-Day - please let me know what you think and share your observations with me! Get Off My Bench! Thanks as always for following along! John
  7. So this is part 6 - you'll see the finished product and I'll give my two cents about the experience. Thanks again to all of you ARCers for checking out these videos. Please let me know what worked and what didn't for the next series. https://youtu.be/XWZRBGbp6gE John
  8. This build is cruising along towards the finish line. I'd sincerely like to thank all of you ARCers for watching my videos. As always please let me know what works and what you think needs work. I enjoy sharing this hobby with all of you. https://youtu.be/9VKKRBuxHf0 John
  9. My continued thanks to the ARCers that have been watching my review. You continue to be a large portion of my viewership! John
  10. Okey dokey - Part 4 of this build is up for your edification. Please make sure to let me know what you think and if there's anything I can change for the better. ARC members have been a large source of my views and I thank you all for that! https://youtu.be/1kfvs1N_GR8 Thanks again, John
  11. I'm old enough to remember when this thread was about the GWH Su-27UB and its' features. Canopies...ok. John
  12. Thanks for the kind words Matthew! This build is definitely making me do stuff that I'm not well-practiced at like using CA as a filler and extensive rescribing. I think the next part, where I assemble the wings, will be some of the most extensive work yet. If only Kitty Hawk would listen to the feedback provided by their customer base, I think their kits could take a huge step forward. John
  13. Thanks very much! I have to be honest - if it wasn't for making these videos I'd probably relegate this kit to the shelf of doom! But I've actually been learning as the build goes on and refining my scribing. Hope you'll come back and watch the next one! John
  14. And here comes part 3 - everything you'd expect from a Kitty Hawk build and more! https://youtu.be/w772lbaD-tU Please let me know what you think and leave a comment one way or the other. Thanks again! John
  15. Big thanks to everyone that's stopped in and watched the videos - you guys make up over half of my views! John
  16. Here's Part 2 - thanks to everyone that watched the last one! https://youtu.be/mvffPvrwGaQ
  17. All the cool kids are doing it so I've started a build review of Kitty Hawk's MiG-25PU. Please give it a look and let me know what you think - leave me a comment and let me know what could be better or what you liked. https://youtu.be/y0QyTGE3-To Thanks in advance John
  18. Oh, you want to know which of these two kits is better? Well don’t get either one and save your pennies for a future release. But I’m wrong for pointing that out. Smh. Everyone’s a tough guy here...
  19. I'm guessing you didn't bother to read the OP. That wasn't the question. John
  20. Title says it all. I’m halfway through an F-15J build and the dog destroyed the canopy. I’ll gladly pay for a replacement. John
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