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  1. Greetings! Here's my latest build, hope you like it! This is the first one fully painted with acrylics (Revell, Tamiya, generic brand), sealed with future for decals, weathering and a final coat of dull from Revell. A.
  2. Hope this helps! P-51D Guatemala
  3. Cool! What color did you use for the cockpit?
  4. Last week I got one of those pipe-cutter, did a test with one of the tanks and the results where pretty good! It is a little bit tricky because not all the fuel tanks are completely round I will show you the results with some pictures I took yesterday. Basically this was the solution I was looking for, something cheap and easy to scribe that missing detail.
  5. WOW! That is amazing! What type of scriber do you use?
  6. Thanks for all your tips guys!!! I filled the tanks yesterday with CA, probably I will try tomorrow and will let you know the results.
  7. Any suggestions? I tried with masking tape, dimo tape and the line is not coming out straight. I'm using the Tamiya scriber, and with a sharp knife but i'm not getting right results. Regards!
  8. Mark, Are you going to release these in 48th? I have a F-111G that urgently need's the second sheet! B)
  9. WOW very nice! What brand is that GTR? Tamiya or Fujimi? Beto.
  10. Great! thanks a lot for all your comments! Andy, I have some watercolor at home...I'll try that! Beto.
  11. I love those winter camouflages! The Tamiya kit is pretty good isn't? Beto.
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