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  1. Hey, Atlantis Models has just released "Everything is Go!" Mercury rocket kit and platform. https://www.atlantis-models.com/atlasrocketwithmercurycapsule1110.aspx Not Apollo, but still a highly sought after kit. I just got mine in the mail last week. I wish "Revell Germany" would make the old space kits that were out in the 1960's - 1970's, especially the 1/32 Gemini Capsule. Would love to see the Apollo Soyuz set as well!!!
  2. Does anyone know if this Pavla pit will fit into the old Monogram 1/48 T-28???
  3. Hey Guys, looking for a 1/48 Brit Phantom. Want to do one in the Extra Dark Sea Grey scheme. Does not matter if kit is Revell, Italeri, or Hasegawa. Or, if I can obtain a pair of Spey nozzles, that would be a help as well. Thanks fer yer help!
  4. Yeah, what Jabow said. The first thing I do is dip the canopy first when building a plane. Let the Future cure for a week and you won't have this problem. Cured Future is very tough.
  5. Great job Darren on an old beast! You've inspired me to do a Nostalgia build. Which intake plugs did you use? For Revell, Hasegawa, or Academy? Also, could use some Steel Beach F-4 parts like nozzles for the Monogram/Revell kits. Would greatly appreciate it!
  6. You can buy MEK at Lowes in the paint section.
  7. Very Nice!!! Love it! Simple and bold!!! Great job!
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