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  1. GEFELICITEERD!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, this was the last RIAT I attended for a while . This is the x-th year in a row that the quality of the show declines . Sure we had the Raptor, but it was not that special . Should a F-16 have flown that presentation everybody would have bad comments on the show . No special paints, a small static - though the choppers were something of a nice change . And the heritage flight had been done at Biggin' Hill too . So it doesn't make RIAT any more special . And the BoB memorial was a plain joke . Compared to what The Fighter Collection achieves at Duxford ... Apart from the price of the t
  3. Nice kit, only too bad not all the wheels are included in it . :huh: Stef
  4. A sight we won't see anymore . A dream ended 150m off the Mediterranean Coast . Glad Mathis got out . Stef
  5. Can I suggest the more expensive Hasegawa kit to you that comes without weapons and thus eliminates the problem ? Stef
  6. No Hase for me . Just gimme two kinetic Sufa's ! Stef
  7. Mario, the large tanks are available from Model Alliance and Eagle Design has the bulged doors . Stef
  8. Judging by the months in which those GBU-31's are announced as "coming soon", no more updates on the homepage and his "problems" he once talked about ... my guess is that they can best be avoided (for the moment) . Too bad, as I've ordered from Greg and his stuff is really good . And I need 12 of those GBU-31's ... Stef
  9. Syhart has some very nice special paints for the delta 4 . Stef
  10. One taken to the hospital . Indeed luckily no lives lost . Stef
  11. The issue isn't about a free item or a raffle price .
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