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  1. Just came across this. Any backstory? https://www.boeing.com/defense/mh-139/index.page
  2. Gino, Think I can help you, I have two kits at home. Bought one for parts as it was in progress. I'm in NM right now and will be here till Weds. Will let you know Thursday. Michael
  3. Saw it at Kings Sat. Sprues say MRC. Resin and photo-ech are the new additions!
  4. I also crewed the OH-58C, was wondering how long the flat screens lasted in service. We never had them but all the pilots that knew about them said they were a pain because of, Glare? Just asking. Hey about time for a Revell Huey upgrade......................... just wondering.
  5. I was at KIA off and on in March 91, mostly on. Have flightline video. Will review and get back to you.
  6. Try here too, used them for a 2001 EVA pod. Good stuff. http://www.ramrcandramtrack.com/newitems.html
  7. Here ya go, fixed it for you................ http://www.americanhuey369.com/hovering.html I've turned it into my ringtone on my phone. There is another bit with the Huey doing a flyby. :) :thumbsup:
  8. I think the seed has been planted.............................. :D
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