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  1. I know I'm a long way away in Oz but if someone is able to help me out I'd be very appreciative. Please PM me if you can help. I don't mind if it's started, new or scrapped.
  2. Hi Guys, Just finished. This is the Roden 1/48 Peacemaker converted to a Pilatus Pc-6A Turbo Porter with a Ryan Hamilton conversion and painted in the markings of the Australian Army's 161 Independent Recce Flt based at Nui Dat, Vietnam (Circa 1971-72). I hope you like it. I faded the top of the aircraft to simulate the paint after sitting in the tropical heat.
  3. Thanks fellas, Having built five of them now I think that'll be the end of the swords for a while. Too many other projects I want to do.
  4. Sweeeeet! Love the sheen in the Raptor's paint.
  5. Oh yeah! You've captured that nicely. The weathering is just spot on.
  6. Thanks guys, The decals came with the kit which is extremely difficult to get hold of now. Occasionally they appear on Ebay but I believe High Planes intend to re-release these kits but in a complete injected molded kit form after they do their 1/48 Mirage IIIO/E series. Hopefully they re-do this scheme as images are as rare as rocking horse poo. I only managed to find 3-4 images of this particular scheme on the net.
  7. Cheers Albert. This was definately one of the hardest kits I've ever built with flat spots, I'll fitting wings etc and then the paint.
  8. Serial: A94-970 Type: CAC Mk.32 Sabre Based: 77 Squadron, Butterworth, Malaysia (Circa 1959) Scheme: All over silver with hi-vis RAAF roundels/flashes with green/white chequered 77 Squadron markings. The 'Knights' piece tail markings were later replaced by the Malaysian Lion or 'Grumpy Monkey' History: Served at Butterworth with 3 Sqn at the end of the Malayan Emergency before returning to Australia where it later operated with 5OTU. The airframe was later used as an instructional tool at Wagga before being allocated to the RAAF Museum for restoration by the AWM. The AWM didn't acquire it
  9. It's been quite a while since I actually posted anything over here. I have had a few family issues and health issues of my own to deal with, but now all is good and I can get back into some serious modelling again. So, without further babbling here is my 1/72 Welsh Models L-188 Electra in TAA livery of the 1960's (Hawkeye Decals). The fuselage is vacform but the wings and tail planes are solid resin. Not the funnest kit in the world but a nice result at the end. I am dedicating this build to my late father who passed away last July. He worked on these at TAA from 1960-85. And
  10. Hi Guys, I'm wanting to swap a complete set of 1/48 Vagabond Decals VF-84 'Jolly Rogers' F4B/J/N Phantom 'Original Rhinos (Part 1)' decal sheets for a complete set of 1/48 Fightertown VF-84 F14A Tomcat 'Victory in the Storm' decals. The Vagabond decals are new but OOP and rare to get. My son Chris was fortunate enough to win a set in a recent GB which according to Mike at Vagabond was one of the last sets in he had in stock that he found. As I have a set and Chris has another Tomcat that he's just received and wishes to build, he is prepared to swap his Jolly Roger F4 decals for the F14 dec
  11. Sorry to hear the unfortunate news of the demise of your engine. These things do happen occasionally I guess. I was looking so forward to seeing it done too! Regards Andrew
  12. Thanks guys. I am stoked, chuffed, wrapped, all of the above. Thanks to Frontline and Sprue Bros. for their generous sponsorship. Cheers Andrew
  13. Good to see you back mate. Have sent you a reply PM. Regards Andrew
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