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  1. That kit on display must be the Trumpeter kit, it even has the bogus slime lights on the inside of the vertical stabs... no way Revell would repeat that folly :unsure: Marcel
  2. That just fantastic, cannot wait for the Mig-29C! Marcel
  3. I am certain that it applies to a % of the market but of course it's not an absolute. Look at a guy like Chuck, he's built two Tamiya Phantoms and is about to start I believe his 2nd Tamiya F-15E. I doubt he'll be doing another A-10. I will be starting my 2nd Tamiya Phantom as my next build, and will probably do another Tamiya F-16 after that, I wouldn't do that that if those kits were as big of a challenge as some others are. So even if it only applies to a minority of the market, which I doubt, it would still increase the market potential of the product. :cheers:/> Marcel
  4. Song, it is really great to see that you are working on what I presume to be a 1/32 project that will hopefully result in a 1/32 jet that has not been produced in that scale before! I am truly excited and hope you are not discouraged by some of the feedback (including mine) that you see over here. It looks like there is no discouraging you from designing the engine (does doing the engine really impact unit sales or get you more price?), but as has been pointed out in the parallel thread on this subject, please do focus on accuracy and make the build as easy and quick to assemble as possible.
  5. Chuck, congratulations on another milestone and masterpiece! It's really all good! Marcel
  6. Chuck, generally I would be heavily in favor of weathering with exhaust stains, but in this case since the rest of the aircraft is so pristine and shiny, I would go without. Marcel
  7. The Brown Oregon F-15C looks beautiful... if only they would make that in 1/32. Marcel
  8. I have had the Gunze/Future cracking issue happen on two builds, on a variety of their acrylic colors, eg H308. In fairness, I really bathed the area in Future, which is not necessary on their semi-gloss finishes anyway since they are so smooth. Marcel
  9. I tend to use Tamiya for the basics like black, white and red. Gunze goes on beautifully and there are good matches to many of the popular FS colors, but don't spray Future over Gunze (especially the satin and gloss finishes), you'll get hairline cracks that become visible when washing. I have also tried Lifecolor since they have matches to some FS colors that others do not, that also goes on beautifully. Congrats on the move to acrylics, I switched about 2.5 years ago, its the best modelling move I ever made. Marcel
  10. Chuck, she is flawless, wow! I need to throw on the shades when viewing your posts, that's a beautiful shine even with clear coat B) I am glad your finally moving to Tamiya acrylics ;) On a more serious note, have you considered spraying various panels with chrome etc after decalling (ie the panels not featuring any decals)... that would introduce some variation and add back sheen. You could just use hand-held paper to mask, the coats would only need to be very light. Marcel
  11. Clif, you cannot really go wrong with the 1/32 Academy Hornet kits, they are some of the best 1/32 jet kits out there, the only kit I can think of that's better is the 1/32 Tamiya F-16. I'll be over the moon if Revell produces a Superhornet that approaches the quality level of the Academy Hornet series. That said, I'd be even more over the moon if Revell expands on this 1/32 jet theme by doing a 1/32 F-22 and/or Rafale. Marcel
  12. Great to see them do an F/A-18E in 1/32! I have only laid eyes on their 1/32 Tornado and Typhoon, the Tornado has very good shape accuracy and beautifully done surface detail, whereas the Typhoon is ok on shape but terribe in just about all other respects... really hope they deliver with this kit, they need to since the Trumpeter Superhornet is not too bad. Marcel
  13. My list, all 1/32: F-22.., how can it be that the top-of-the-foodchain fighter is not represented in 1/32... Rafale Mig-29 A and/or C Mirage 2000 Mirage F1 Marcel
  14. Ken, To answer your question on the vertical tails, I havent yet bought the kit, I usually stock up on critical aftermarket goodies but wait for the purchase of the actual kit. From what I have superficially seen on the web, the rudders look to have been correctly done down to the base. However, the tails dont look as tall as they maybe should, the chord at the top of the tails seems to be longer than on the real thing. Hard to fix, since adding a bit of flying surface to the top to reduce wingtip chord will screw up other proportions. Anyways that is armchair conjecture at this point and be
  15. Thx guys! Good to hear Trumpeter sorted out the radome. I know they did try to correct the intakes but I would very definitely invest in the Zacto intakes, the are beautifully and seamlessly done whereas the corrected Trumpeter intakes have a section of the compresspr shaved off, plus the leading edges of the intakes dont look as crisp and straight as the Zacto parts imo. I would also go for the Pitz Models exhausts again, or maybe try the North Star models set since the Pitz Models sets seem to be hard to come by. Marcel
  16. Hi Flanker Fans, I am daydreaming about future projects while on vacation, the Su-30 M2 has caught my attention. Seems I should be able to build this pretty easily in 1/32 from the Trumpeter Su-30 MKK kit (barring the general updates required for the MKK itself like flat-topped front gear well), am I right? Also, I have read that Trumpeter has the correct nose shape with this kit so the Zacto nose job isnt needed like it is for the Su-27, can anyone confirm? Thanks, Marcel
  17. Wow, now that is a ton of work! Beautifully done though. I always struggle with that, but you really nailed it. Marcel
  18. Beautifully done, crisp and clean build! Marcel
  19. Thx Steve, thx John, you guys rock! Looks like the Cutting Edge AIM-120s are off, great, I really don't want to be taking backward steps on this build :o But thx for the feedback, I'd hate to get that wrong on for example F-16 wingtip AIM-120s. Marcel
  20. Thx guys! I thought I'd show a preview of my next build, which will be a VMFA-112 F-4S in the Heater/Ferris scheme. Have a look here. If anyone out there happens to know the serial number of this exact F-4, please do let me know. I have been trying to order a high-res image from Cloud 9 Photography but don't seem to have any luck with their website. I'll be using the GT Resin F-4S conversion, cannot wait to get stuck into that build. The VMFA-112 Heater/Ferris scheme is almost a mirror image of the scheme commonly seen on VF-301 F-4S's, although after countless hours of research I think the
  21. Steve, she looks just awesome going vertical like that! All kinds of innovation happening on this build Marcel
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