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  1. Very nice! What timeframe is the Aviano F-16 from? Marcel
  2. Nice! I hope you'll do those in 1/32 once the 1/32 Kinetic kit is out Cheers, Marcel
  3. Marcel111


    Jari, thx for sharing!
  4. Thx guys! Yeah, I still always wear a mask. John, what clear gloss do you use over Gunze in that case? Thx... but they simply never are :wacko: Marcel
  5. Thx Steve, Andrew, Vincenzo, Chuck! Yes. My wife made me move away from generally using enamels, she said I was pretty stupid for putting the hobby before my health and she was right. The Phantom was my first Acrylic build, I now only use enamels for metallic finishes and the final flat coat. I am very glad I made the change, I really can't stand using enamels now, it's kinda weird but the smell of thinners or turpentine now gives me an almost instant headache. I also get a far smoother finish with Gunze paints than I ever did before, I no longer rub the model down to smooth out the paint
  6. The cockpit pics are simply incredible! Cheers, Marcel
  7. Thanks for all the encouragement! I finally got some modeling time in, the Growler is now washed and flat-coated: I ran into a headache after washing: The paint had very fine cracks in some areas, the cracks were too fine to see without the wash, but the wash made the cracks visible. I had run into this before on my Phantom, but since I used Gunze clear before gloss coating with Future, I assumed it was a problem with the Gunze clear. I have noticed that this only occurs in areas I really soaked in Future, so my theory now is that soaking Gunze acrylics with Future will result in this cr
  8. Beautiful Eagle! I agree with other posters, you got the colors just right. Cheers, Marcel
  9. Wow, that is an incredible build, very very well done! Marcel
  10. The set provides weapons and decals used by two A-10Cs during OEF, you are on your own as far as updating the Trumpeter kit to a C. Cheers, Marcel
  11. Ok, it is an Olimp A-10C set, have a look here: http://www.olimpmodelsgroup.com Cheers, Marcel
  12. Yes, I have the set at home, will let you know once I get back. Marcel
  13. Having recently built a 1/32 Tamiya F-4E, I thought I'd pass on some notes on things that could be done better: 1. Would be great if the tail slats were as they are on the real aircraft i.e. there is daylight between the slats and the flying surface. I fixed this on my model but it is difficult to get a clean result. The slats should probably be created as separate parts to be assembled onto the tail. 2. If MERs are included in the kit, they must be sized correctly. The Tamiya MERs are too short to accommodate Mk. 7 dispensers. 3. Somehow figure out a way to easily and securely fix the cano
  14. Somebody makes a 1/32 OEF upgrade for the A-10C, you get some resin weapons and decals. It may be Northstar Models. Marcel PS I would supply more info but am in China right now, difficult to make searches here.
  15. Hi guys, thanks for checking in. I have been travelling (mostly for work) since mid-September, so not much progress to report. What I can say is that Tokyo is about the most intimidatingly large city I have been to, NYC somehow seems tame in comparison. In Seoul now, next stop Shanghai. I am actually enjoying the trip, I don't get to Asia much so this is novel. Marcel
  16. More good news! I really like that a different manufacturer is getting into 1/32 jets. Marcel
  17. Wow, that just looks like a ton of work, but very well executed. Marcel
  18. Steve, nicely done, looks really good! Imo things like that are way more important than adding detail in hard-to-see places. Marcel
  19. David, hope you stay with this despite the HK announcement. As you know, the longest distance in the known time-space continuum is between a producer's announcement of a new kit and that kit actually becoming available. :cheers:/> Marcel
  20. Nice to see this project, something very int rsting, I will definitely be following. Cheers, Marcel PS I used to model on that exact Ikea desk
  21. Great to see you guys are back :thumbsup:/> Marcel
  22. Chuck, the F-15I will be an awesome build. Also, the Tamiya F-15E is a really good foundation to build on, you're going to have a bunch of fun with that project. Marcel
  23. Nicely done! Some really interesting colors on those Iranian Migs. Marcel
  24. Wow, that looks beautiful, very crisp and clean build, and I do love that scheme. Will need to do that one day. Marcel
  25. Steve, the exhausts look hot! Love this build, just hope you find a display cabinet that will do your Cat justice. Steve, I noticed your intake leading edges are fairly blunt i.e. they have a flat frontal section, especially the lower intake lips. You may want to round them a little to get a better contour, shouldn't take you very long and may improve the look. Have a look at these links to see what I am talking about: http://data.primeportal.net/hangar/tom_adkins/f-14/VF-143%20PORT%20INTAKE%20&%20DROP%20TANK.JPG http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/images/f14dkittybg_2.JPG https://uplo
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