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  1. Wow, that looks beautiful, very crisp and clean build, and I do love that scheme. Will need to do that one day. Marcel
  2. Steve, the exhausts look hot! Love this build, just hope you find a display cabinet that will do your Cat justice. Steve, I noticed your intake leading edges are fairly blunt i.e. they have a flat frontal section, especially the lower intake lips. You may want to round them a little to get a better contour, shouldn't take you very long and may improve the look. Have a look at these links to see what I am talking about: http://data.primeportal.net/hangar/tom_adkins/f-14/VF-143%20PORT%20INTAKE%20&%20DROP%20TANK.JPG http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/images/f14dkittybg_2.JPG https://uplo
  3. Wow, that is really great news, love the Spey Phantoms! Marcel
  4. Remarkable save, Chuck... sometimes you just gotta go back to the basic techniques, in this case filling with CA. Must say you did an exceptionally smooth job with that, very very hard to get such a flawless result over a curved surface, esp. without introducing a flat section. Marcel
  5. More extensive work travel for me, including six days in Las Vegas (yes, that was for work), so progress is slow. I did receive some additional decals from Keith, which I have now applied. Here are some close-ups, as requested: In the above pic, the ejection seat warning and rectangular warning marking are too light--these were also custom made since the kit decals are too dark. I asked Keith to err on the light side with these (better too much contrast than too little), I have since oversprayed these with Dark Ghost Gray to make them blend in a little more. Again, the light gray t
  6. Chuck, I admire your resilience! Really hope you manage to fix things and move to completion of the model, as I am sure you will. Marcel
  7. Wow, this is just awesome... and you are making some very quick progress considering the work involved. Cheers, Marcel
  8. Steve, it's all just looking so impressive, cannot wait to see more. Marcel
  9. Thx Chuck! Yes, getting pretty close to the finish line but all those things under wings will keep me busy for a while yet. Thx... and yes, I should snap some more close-up, will try to remember that the next time I take pics. Thx Guy. Yes, I will have to take some group pics, seems like forever since I did the D. Thx Marcel... must admit I am a bit lame on the in-person modeling club scene, I really need to get into that again. Are there any military jet, large scale guys at the Basel club? I will unfortunately be missing the Basel model days event. Thx Steve... takes on to know o
  10. Chuck, big thanks for taking the time to create this very thorough tutorial. Marcel
  11. The custom-made decals are mostly on. I'm really pleased with how Keith from Red Pegasus did these and really love the overall look of this jet. Getting the scorpion sting on the tail to fit was a major challenge and I ultimately had to make a few concessions... for those very familiar with this particular aircraft, you may notice that the sting doesn't extend slightly over the rudder as it should... this is the best I could do to make things fit. Since taking the picture I have also done a bunch of touching up with black paint. Unfortunately I noticed that we missed two crew names in p
  12. Neeko, any chance your friends have any records of the camo patterns? I'm pretty sure the decal guys would jump at the opportunity to make decals for these special schemes... as Brian said, there just isn't complete info out there. Since I do 1/32 jets and not every subject is covered, I end up doing custom decals now and again... although this is definitely not the preferred path for quality and cost reasons. Brian, great to read that you're working on more Tomcat releases! Marcel
  13. This is a truly beautiful build, the weathering is one of the most realistic efforts I have ever seen. Since this is critique corner... my only critique would be the loadout, seems a little bit of a stretch to have a dummy Aim-9 with live A/G loads. On the rudders, seems to me that on Supers you can do whatever you want with them, they seem to point in all kinds of random directionsnwhen parked. :thumbsup:/> Marcel
  14. Wow, that is a spectacular Growler, I just hope my 1/32 version of the same subject turns out as nice. Your attention to detail is inspiring, right down to the lighter gray behind the brown CAG markings. :thumbsup:/> Marcel
  15. Yeah that looks pretty wild... although if I was building an A, it would probably be building this one. Marcel
  16. Thx guys. Bummer nobody documented those schemes. Brian, would that be this one? Marcel
  17. I am wondering if anyone has any additional info/pics on this F-14D? I am referring to the Tomcat in the 5th pic from the top (not the one in the F-15-type pattern). I have a thing for blue camo'd jets. Marcel
  18. Hello Guy, Really truly great modeling news to see you back at this build! And straight away, your meticulous detail work impresses! Marcel
  19. Thx John! Rest assured, the next few projects I have lines up should not be gray... Marcel
  20. Thx guys! Hello Anthony, the radome on the kit presents the same way as it does on all legacy Hornets, which is with a recessed "panel" line denoting the boot tip of the nose. Later Super Hornets and all Growlers no longer have the boot end on the tip of the nose, so all that needs to be done is that the nose needs to be sanded clean of that recessed line. It looks like this in the end, i.e. a simple, smooth nose: As far as the camo on the tail is concerned, that's just a bunch of tedious masking. :) The Chuck... I think I have learnt a lot since my F/A-18D build but as you know i
  21. Joel, that's a beautiful Skyhawk build... and I must say I domhave a softbspotbfor Lady Jesse. Marcel
  22. Thx Igor, thx Dieter. Just got word that the build will be published in the October edition of Sacle Aircraft Modelling, the pics in the article are a big improvement on these.
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