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  1. Chuck, enjoy spring and your time away from modeling, it will be good to have you back here fully rejuvenated. There's a fine line between pleasure and pain... :cheers:/> Marcel
  2. Nicely done! I just love the Hustler. Marcel
  3. The faded look looks really really good! : Marcel
  4. Hello Stanislav, I just received the set, it is awesome! On your website you show work on a front-fuselarge replacement for the Revell kit, do you have any rough guess as to when that may be released? Also, will the cockpit be compatible with the fuselarge set? Marcel
  5. Wow, that is really fantastic! Marcel
  6. Thx guys! Funny how we still end up doing it :rolleyes:/> Some more updates: The Growler features some wing modifications relative to the regular Super, which are the addition of a wing fence and a modified leading edge dogtooth. The kit features the wing fence (although unusably thick imo) and doesn't change the dogtooth, the latter is up to the modeler to correct. Some other minor additions are shown below: There is a small door to the side of the front wheel well that is usually open when the aircraft is parked; there is also a circular vent directly ahead of that. :cheer
  7. Congratulations! 5... that is pretty intense! Marcel
  8. A quick update: Here are the D type blisters added to the fuselarge sides (which Trumpeter forgot about): In the below pic, note the white plastic sheet I added to the inside upper section of the flap. This is necessary, else the flap won't follow the contour of the wing. Some early work on the wheel well. I really don't enjoy adding detail to wheel wells (just seems futile) but usually end up doing a bit of it anyway. Marcel
  9. Hello Steve, I hope you have recovered from the flu. This is just looking so good! Interesting the amount of planning and labor it takes to do a fuselarge assembly on a model this size. Marcel
  10. Thx Chuck! Regarding the blue and red lights, it's pretty much the way you see it. Just saw off an appropriately sized piece of acetate, glue into the slot made and do a bunch of sanding. Make the slot and acetate piece a lot bigger than the actual light will be, you only need to mask off a section. Andrew, I don't have a plan on how I will be masking the inside of the intake but I foresee it being a fairly painful exercise--but no more painful than dealing with the other things these Trumpeter kits typically throw at us <_< Marcel
  11. Thx Kike, Thx Rom! All the flaps are on. The leading edge flaps fit very nicely. As is the case with most kits, this kit has a step that the leading edge flap can be retracted into in case the modeler wants to show the model with the flap fully retracted. Real aircraft never feature such steps so they need to be filled and sanded. With the main flaps things looked pretty straightforward at first. However, lining up all sections of the Fowler flaps properly across the entire length of the wing is difficult. While the outward lower flaperons can sink very slightly lower than the main flaps,
  12. Thx for the help and input. Niki, finally some pics of 29 in that wild scheme Marcel
  13. Thx, that's a big help! Interesting that "28" is visible on the ramp, I think that is an airframe that just got returned to Ukraine and is looking pretty worn these days. http://airheadsfly.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/mig29crimea28_ukrmindef01.jpg Marcel
  14. I wonder if anyone has ever come across actual photos of "29": Side drawings -2006.jpg"]More views Thx, Marcel
  15. Congratulations! I think Joe summed it up well. It's a great institution. Sting ( generally not such a big fan) did a song a long time ago called The Secret Marriage, the lyrics are spot on. Marcel
  16. Great model and photography! Congratulations on getting her done, I used your in progress extensively ehen I built my Flanker. Marcel
  17. Steve, great to see you moving this project along. Thx Chuck! Fear not, will get back into that F-4J which has those walkways (unlike Chico) as soon as the Growler is done. Marcel
  18. Thx Karl, thx Terry! I glued the back together first, let that dry and then progressively glued to the front... and I needed large clamps as I went along. A little update on doing the blue and red lights underneath the wings. I bought some red and blue clear acetate from Ebay, although appropriately colored toothbrushes would have worked just as well. Things looking really bad at this stage: And after a bunch of sanding (starting with 160 grade): Now all I need to do is mask appropriately. But all in all, why spend time indoors when the weather is so nice: Yours truly enjoying s
  19. Thx Gene... I'm blushing Marcel
  20. Apparantly these guys are from Taiwan but they don't seem to be online. Apart from Ebay, does anyone know who stocks more than a trickle of their stuff? Marcel PS I am looking for their 1/32 VMA-542 sheet (32018)
  21. Very interesting and thx for posting! Marcel
  22. Thx guys! Harold, maybe you shouldn't be too fickle with those ribs, we can always apply the Eduard photo etch, which will enable various configurations anyway. Marcel
  23. Beautiful work Terry... and very gutsy stuff with the canopy. Marcel
  24. Ken, thx for posting those, beautiful pics! Marcel
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