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  1. I converted the Tamiya kit to an F-16C Block 40 using the Isracast kit, it is in the ARC gallery. Only real problem were the wheels, the conversion supplies the required bits but mine were too damaged to use. And someone on ARC of course noticed this right away :-) Somthing to note that the conversion doesn't tell you is that the Israeli Block 40s have all-black cockpits. Let me know if you require any reference material. Marcel
  2. Any chance of making a 1/32 version? Thx, Marcel
  3. Thx! Also, thx for the pic, that is exactly the config that I'm interested in. Appreciate -224 pic too... I have the sheet, can't wait to use it. Marcel
  4. Thx for the feedback!! I may just hang a single one on there, since I don't know if VMFA-224 used CVERs in their 2005 deployment...
  5. Although I have now posetd two of my builds on ARC, this is my first forum post. Here goes: I'm building a (1/32) F/A-18D (VMFA-224 of course ;-)), question is if GBU-12s are carried in tandem on standard Vertical Ejector Racks or only on the newer, canted VERs. My research thus far indicates canted VERs only, which would seem to discount using the kit VERs. Darn! Thx for the help, Marcel
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