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  1. Hi All, As the title says i'm after any extras you might have for a 1:32nd F-5E, the decals i'm looking for are the TwoBobs 'Sundowners' sheet. Cheers Mat
  2. Can anyone help, i'm after information about the Air wing that would have been aboard the USS Nimitz, 1979(ish). Any details would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Mat
  3. Well here is my first attempt (as the title says) at a base for my first completed maritime model, the next base i will work on the waves (getting them more in scale) and change the colour slightly (add more grey to get a better sense of depth). Other than that, any hints tips etc would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Mat
  4. Hi there, I've got a few kits that i'm realistically never going to build... Ever. So i'm looking to off load them, Sensible offers OR i'm interested in 1:350 or 1:72 Maritime (any navy). 1:48 LifeLike Bristol Boxkite Revell F-22 Dynavactor Westland Wyvern 1:72 Airfix Nimrod Package Airfix Nimrod Allycat Engine and Weapons Bay sets Mastercasters Wheels Heritage Aviation U/C set Extra Decal MR.2S and R1 (all Hemp) Model Alliance Stencils 1:32 Hasegawa F-18 (prototype) Cheers for Looking Mat
  5. Well in total this kit took me two days to finish. It was done because i wanted to do an aircraft inbetween all the boats i seem to be doing at the moment... Hope you all like.. Cheers for looking, Mat
  6. I meant to add this yesterday.... Start of construction..... And after day one, this is as far as i've got (not much more to do...)
  7. Earlier on today i was cleaning the back of the car out, and i found this underneath one of the seats. Not the normal place to find a model, i know. However i bought this kit of britmodeller and got it delivered to work (the idea of sneaking it under the boss's radar at a later date). However it never left the car..... Until today?!?! Box shots..... Start of construction.....
  8. This is my first completed boat, it's from White Ensign Models and it's built straight from the box. Any hints or tips greatly appreciated. Cheers for looking, Mat
  9. It's an A/C from 527 Sqn, which was a Radar Calibration Unit for both ground, and airborne radar. Based at Hornchurch in 1943.
  10. Lately, i've started LOADS of kits, and never actually got round to finishing any of them... So with that in mind, i started another one. Namely the Hasegawa Mk I Hurricane. It's been built OOB, the only additions to this, a set of P.E. seat belts that i found in a bits box, and a new set of decals (ILIAD Design, Strange Hurricanes) One thing to note, the decals i used were FANTASTIC, with the use of Sol/Set best results i've had so far, hats off to Iliad Design!!!!!! Thanks for looking, Mat
  11. As above, comes with a partial RAF gulf war decal sheet, (one A/C been used but about 3 others intact), and Two JP 233's. Offers, also open to trades (1:32 Jets). Cheers, Mat
  12. I'd be interested in the price of the Academy F-22, (also P&P to the UK) Cheers, Mat
  13. I took these videos this weekend just gone whilst working on the Lancaster, hope you like them. Cheers Mat
  14. Does this kit need any weight in the nose? I've given it a 'test' and i think it does. But if anyone has built this kit, could they let me know. Cheers, mat. p.s. if there are any other problems with the kit, a 'heads up' would be greatly appreciated.
  15. It's an early 'A' model. It's eventually going to be 23 Sqn's 40th anniversary colour scheme.
  16. I've got the Tamiya Thunderbirds kit, and i'm looking to do a belgium F-16A. I've already sourced the different fin. But my question is regarding the cockpit, obviously there is asome large differences between the A and C pits. Would any resin 'A' cockpit for the Hasegawa kit fit the Tamiya offering? (and is there anything else i've missed?) Cheers Mat
  17. Nice pictures, i couldn't really get any because i was working that day, don't suppose you managed to get any of the F-15 nearly landing on the Dakota as we towed it accross the runway did you? I may exagerate a little, but when something the size of a F-15 is bearing down on you at silly speeds, you tend to think it's closer than it might actually be!!(p.s. i was sat in the Dakota cockpit) But brillient pictures none the less!!!! Mat
  18. Thanks for all the advice, all i have to do now is source the tail.... Off to the 'wanted' forum... Cheers, Mat
  19. And here it goes......... I want to do a 1:32 F-16A. Can i do this from the Tamiya 'Thunderbirds' Kit? Nice and simple (i hope). Feel free to laugh at me if you really have to. Thanks in advance. Mat
  20. Nearly there, just got a matt coat to apply, then fix in the seat and a boarding ladder... Should have more to follow later on today. Cheers for looking, Mat
  21. Well it's been a while but i've finally got some progress done on this A/C (it's just coincidence that it's the Hendon Model Show this weekend?!?!?) I'll be posting more over the next two days (which is when i'm looking to get it finished) Cheers For Looking Mat.
  22. Whilst sorting out some photos on the 'puter i found these photos hiding in a sub folder. It's the 1:48 Mk XVie Spit, built OOB with no extras what-so-ever. I built this a couple of years ago, and it was one of the first models i built 'properly'. Cheers for looking Mat.
  23. There's a few photos in this topic of the Lancaster at work, if anyone is interested... Mat Click Here
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