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  1. Gone!!! Thanks
  2. p.s. I also have these for trade as well.. 1:48 revell F-15E(85-5511) 1:35 Dragon Sd.Kfz.165 Hummel Early version(6204)
  3. I have the following for trade.... (All are 1:48) Revell CH-53 G/GS Highflight MH-53J Pavelow III conversion Cutting Edge MH-53J Cockpit Cutting Edge MH-53J weapons The kit has been started.. All that has been done is the 'Kit' floor has been removed for the CE part. And as the title suggests, i'm after modern 1:32 Jets, if you have any that you are getting rid of, let me know. Cheers Mat.
  4. well, only 5.5 Spitfires, 2 Hurricanes, a Lancaster and a Dakota. (and 2 Chipmunks)
  5. Hi Byron, unfortunately i only work on spitfires, no seafires in the hangar i'm afraid.. Sorry. Mat
  6. www.heritageaviationmodelsltd.com
  7. Here is the kit as it arrived today, building this one for the visitors center at work. You'll have to excuse the feet in the photos, but this beast nearly filled the entire front room floor... More to follow as it happens. (p.s. this is my first vac formed kit) I'll be starting this beast today, so some pictures later on....
  8. I'd buy a set if it's got a MH-53J on it!!!!! So put me down for one. Cheers Mat
  9. Below is a list of kits that are never going to be built, ever. Mostly due to the fact i keep buying more, but thats another story. The prices below reflect what i paid for the kits. I'm not looking to make anything on them. Kits are complete and bagged in box, unless otherwise stated. P&P is not included in the price, however i will charge only what it costs to send the item out to you. Will consider trades etc. Cheers for looking, Mat 1:48 Revell P-61(85-7545) £15.00--------> some parts off sprues, but everything is there.SOLD 1:48 revell F-15E(85-5511) £15.00 1:48 Academy M
  10. I've satrted this thread here as well, so i might as well finish it.... Cheers for looking. Mat.
  11. Well here it is, as finished as it's ever going to be. Cheers for looking. Mat.
  12. Yep i used the 'salt technique'. But instead of doing multiple coats that were lighter than the base colour i just used watered down Tamiya Smoke (because i'm lazy) as a test, and it seemed to work. And thanks for all the comments, should have this finished tomorrow with some better pictures. Cheers Mat
  13. Nearly there.. Just the last few bits and it's as finished as it's going to be....
  14. Nearly there.. Just the last few bits and it's as finished as it's going to be....
  15. I'm looking for any pictures of 267 Sqn Dakotas, (not the current BBMF colour scheme). I'm more interested in the North Afrika era/colour scheme.. Any Help would be appreciated. Mat.
  16. Here's some shots of the cockpit.. Not really done much else. More to follow. Mat.
  17. Here's some shots of the cockpit.. Not really done much else. More to follow. Mat.
  18. I've got the Tamiya F-16 pilot.. Send me a PM as well. Cheers, Mat.
  19. That's another good model!!! Brush painted as well?!? keep it up! Mat.
  20. Where would i be able to get hold of the GSE required for the F-16.. Any help would be appreciated. Mat.
  21. That's next on the list, just waiting for a Verlinden set, then i'm ready to go...
  22. done a bit more work on the main u/c bay.... That's all for now... might get some done today
  23. I'm looking to do an F-16 from the OIF era on a kind-of diorama, what sort of GSE is required for a see off on a F-16? also is there any RBF's that are removed just before the jet takes off (arming fuses etc). I've never worked on fast jets, only helecopters and slow props, so any info would be appreciated. Cheers, Mat.
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