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  1. Consider it done. I'll be in work on Monday, i'll get the pictures then. And post them as soon as i can.
  2. For anyone doing a 1:48 B-1B.... I have a Cutting Edge decal sheet ' Painted Bones Part 3'. I have used the sharkmouth Kansas ANG But the other two A/C options are intact. If anyone is interested in this PM me, i'd be willing to trade for some other decals. cheers, Mat.
  3. Cheers for that, one trip to the model shop coming right up :blink: Mat.
  4. Hi all, was wondering if this colour is correct for an USAF F-16 cockpit. Cheers, Mat.
  5. Having a little practical knowlage of spitfires, i'd go for silver legs, but with green u/c bays. It was later on in the war when they started churning them out every which way. But as Edgar said.... . Which is a license to do whatever you want really, as all the different options are correct. Mat.
  6. Looks good with the wash on it. If you think it's too dirty (i think it looks right for a spitfire) then you can always remove some of the wash, how you do it, depends on what you used for the wash... But remember, always go in the direction of the airflow. Good Job!!!!! Mat.
  7. I wish i could brush paint as well as you. That is one good looking Spit!!!! I wouldn't keep putting yourself down, i've seen a lot worse (they're on my shelf right now). The only thing i would suggest, maybe a wash after the decals... just to show the panel lines. Other than that, :) Mat.
  8. I'm looking for any decals, or Eduard sets for the 1:48 P-61. Just wondering if any of you out there have some stashed away.... I'll buy or trade for any sets... Thanks for looking, Mat.
  9. I've given up on this idea, thanks for looking anyway. mat.
  10. Great job :lol: I've got this kit, hopefully mine will turn out half as good as your effort!!!!!!! p.s. where did you get the info for the weapons load? Mat.
  11. ... where these A/C ever used on ops? And by that i mean most operational a/c use low vis marking. My realquestion, could i do a CAG bird with a full bomb load? Cheers Mat.
  12. I'll always be a bit wary of buying Airfix kits.... I'd sooner have the Hase offering.. But thanks for the advice.
  13. I'm after a G-2, i would prefer the 'Black 6' boxing, but i'm willing to get my hands on any G-2 kit. Will buy or trade for the kit. Please Help!! mat.
  14. I'll sort some pictures out tomorrow. You'll laugh, you may cry... but i'll do it anyway!
  15. Words cannot begin to describe this kit, well ones that wouldn't get me kicked off this forum. Nothing went together without requiring half a ton of filler and rescribing. Might get me a tamiya mk Vb... nice and easy.
  16. Sorry, i'm out of the group build. I've had it with that stupid airfix kit. It'd never make a half decent model. So it's been filed under s.k.1.p. Sorry for the useless topic. If you need any more pictures, feel free tosend me a msg. Mat
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