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  1. How much would postage to the UK be? Cheers, Mat. EDIT: would like to call dibbs on the above mentioned kit please)
  2. Iwouldn't bother the ICM engine doesn't really look like a merlin. But i'll take the pictures for you tomorrow then post them in the evening. Mat
  3. Unfortunately for me, this is the Airfix offering.... Without wanting to sound too nasty. IT'S F@~+*%*G S*#T. Nothing fits well. i'm going to have to use a ton of filler, and i've only glued the wings together!!!!! Also the decals look about 3' thick!!!! Anyway, rant over. More pics to follow. Mat
  4. Count me in for that one as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I've got the Italeri F/A-18E kit, i was wondering if this could be built as an aggressor? (if not, which kit would be best?) Cheers Mat.
  6. If some kind hearted individual could find the time to do a 'BBMF' banner for this poor computer illiterate techie, I'd be eternally grateful.. Many thanks Mat.
  7. Sod it..... I've got a 1:48 Airfix Mk XVI, it's a crap kit, but i'll see what i can do with it.
  8. LOTS OF SPITFIRE PICTURES Hope they Help. Mat.
  9. And thats it. Anything else, just let me know. Sorry if i didn't get any pictures of seatbelts, but they aren't fitted to the A/C at the moment. Cheers Mat.
  10. First set of pictures.. Just Lancaster interior, I'll upload the rest later tonight. rear turret: Rear turret: Leading to rear turret: Mid upper from below: Mid upper: Mid Upper LHS: Mid upper RHS: WOP's Bench: Hope these help, Mat.
  11. Here's some pics of the spitfire that i'm (not) working on at the moment.... Unfortunately i've already started an F-16, so this kit could take a while ;). Anyway, i know the seat is wrong (and all the other things that Trumpeter didn't do correctly) p.s. Their Q.A. bloke should be sacked for letting the kit be released with a top half fabric, bottom half metal tail.
  12. Here's some WIP on a Mk Vb that i'm doing at the moment... I'm too far into it for the group build, but i thought i might as well post some pics anyway........
  13. Thanks for that, (and i edited the typo :) )
  14. I've just tried to change my personal photo... BiG red box pops up and says' contact a system admin type... Any ideas? Mat.
  15. I'm doing the F-16CJ kit, and i was wondering where the dispensers go.... according to the kit destructions there is a decoy type thing on station 2. The only problem with this i that i'm not using station 2, so it's not going to have any chuff'n'fluff fitted. Also did F-16 in Iraq '07 have an AN/ALQ-184 ecm pod on the center station, or a different type, or nothing? Any hints/tips? Cheers Mat
  16. when i'm in work tomorrow, i'll take some pictures and post a couple here...... Mat.
  17. Just want to point out, the trim tab on the resin rudder looks like it's made out of fabric. I don't know how far you are going with this kit, but you may want to change it so it looks like the kit version. Mat P.s. Looking good!!!!!
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