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  1. I've learned a lot just watching videos. You can see step by step builds at florymodels for example. lots of great stuff on youtube as well
  2. A modern / accurate 1/48 F-111F... S-3! Modern B-58 would be cool. B-1B also. Modern balls to the wall fully detailed 1/48 A-10A/C with full gun, detailed engines by Tamiya or ZM 1/35 new mold AH-64A/D/E and AH-1W. Academy can do these, since they did nice job with the AH-1Z P-3 could use an update.
  3. SprueBrothers.com always been my go to. Excellent service and fast shipping.
  4. I'm confused. For OGS MH-60A which sets do we need for the KH MH-60? 35-21 MH-60A/L & 35-27 UH-60A/L ?
  5. Book says grey with with a mottled pattern of brown and olive green.
  6. NVM she replied: The second lot of production will be ready on October, will ship when ready.
  7. Anyone know if Sophia has been able to ship the KH50015 MH-60S Knighthawk kits yet? She said towards end of September but haven't heard anything.
  8. Just googled A-4Q 3-A-309 https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/3.ยช_Escuadrilla_Aeronaval_de_Caza_y_Ataque#/media/Archivo:Skyhawk-CANA_(2854142401).jpg http://aeronavespreservadasdelaaviacionnaval.blogspot.com/2012/09/douglas-4q-skyhawk-3-309.html There is one photo but it's black & white in the book titled Skyhawks Over the South Atlantic by Santiago Rivas. Apparently it was test camo towards the end of the war but this aircraft never saw action in the war because it was under maintenance.
  9. I wish, would love to do the Royal Navy FG.1 everything hanging with extended nose gear on the cat launch.
  10. Indeed my pre-order already packed and ready to ship.
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