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  1. I was looking forward to this kit but skipped buying after the reviews.
  2. Got my Reskit order July 28, not bad shipping time from Ukraine to US. I wish Spruebros would stock Reskit.
  3. Third Items as described good sale.
  4. I lucked out and I was able to get this kit on ebay.
  5. Wish me luck, just ordered some Reskit
  6. Spruebros sold out in less that 6h lol I literally had it in my cart when I went to check out at 9PM it was gone.😣 I never seen this kit listed at scalehobbyist, I checked almost every day. Guess you were lucky.
  7. I placed an order with Reskit April 25. Last time the package was scanned was May 7th in St. Petersburg. Order some patches from Israel. It took a month to go from Haifa to Tel Aviv. Slovakia stuff been accepted by post office hasn't moved in a month. USPS is also a mess. My local post office is having a complete meltdown. Good luck ordering stuff. I've only had luck with UPS. Even Fedex has been backed up. Anyone know if mail is moving from Australia to the US?
  8. That landing page is very valuable to me. I like being able to see the list of new items as they arrive. Hope you guys get this sorted out.
  9. They released the A-4B: 2002, 2004 (B/C Falklands kit) & 2007. It's been a long while. So ya if anyone knows who I can reach out to at Hasegawa to order the B nose sprue send me a PM.
  10. Yes it comes with extra resin parts for the antennas. Or hopefully Hobby Boss will do the A-4B???
  11. I wish Hasegawa would repop the A-4B. Their Falklands kit is selling for $200 on ebay..
  12. I bought the Tamiya F-14As for $75. Looks like all the Tamiya F-14As are more expensive now...smh
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