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  1. Definitely need all that plus the rescue basket. The SkunkModels 1/72 Jayhawk came with the basket.
  2. Gino, Dave Any idea if KH has any realistic plans on making a HH-60J/T Coast Guard kit? Debating if I want to spend $120 on the rescue HH-60H Rescue Hawk and praying we get USCG decals someday. My dream is to build a USCG Kodiak Jayhawk from Deadliest Catch.
  3. Wow Pucara? What markings on that sheet?
  4. This one? https://www.reidairpublishing.com/speed-hunter-graphics-132-decals/ang-adc-gray-phantoms Just add to cart and checkout. I order from them all the time. Buy with confidence
  5. Eric Montoya said it was taking up to 3 months from Mexico to USA... This is why I wish there was some distributor in the US like Spruebros or something. There is an ebay seller but their markup sucks.
  6. Try emontoya@aztecmodels.com Did they give you a tracking number?
  7. I wish they had a distributor in the US that is not an ebay seller. Great subjects.
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