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  1. What are the internal paint color used for internal engine area/internal fuselage? Earlier 2000s it was like zinc chromate? 2012+ it's like a light grey-green?
  2. Placed an order for these April 27th, they just arrived today. So shipping is flowing.
  3. F-111F for Hobbyboss kit? Which hobbyboss kit? Any of the short wing variants?
  4. Ok so finally got back to me. The original box was 24x17x11 per the shipping label. The box I received was 20x20x20 so looks like UPS did who knows what during transit and lost half my stuff repacking Removing my posts above, at least they're finally working with me to fix the issue.
  5. UPS's fault apparently they rebox your package and lose half your stuff when they do this...
  6. Ok let me show you. No mention of political parties. So not political, right. Right? This is why the hobby is dying. Antifa CEO punched grandma in the face. Them kids ruined the hobby because they play on their toy cell phones all day. Someone burned down a burger king down the block. This is why kids can't read instructions. 5G fauci injections ivermectin hydroxychloroquin. See no politics! 😆 I never mentioned a political party!
  7. Antifa, BLM, fires, racial justice, socialist morons, critical race theory is all deeply political whether you want to recognize that or not. You don't have to mention any particular political party. You keep bringing this shoot up that has nothing to do with scale modeling or kids in particular.
  8. Again you're getting into politics. antifa, little old ladies, shootings and burning has nothing to do with scale modeling. You seem to have missed the civil war. I seem to recall the country having been torn apart way worse before. Or are we just being obtuse now. crusty old arsehole voice "I build plastic models" I'm superior to everyone. "Them kids" don't know how cell phones work. No dude they know 100x more about cell phones than you crusty old fool. nostalgia trap circle jerkoffs
  9. Is it dementia already? Seems like you missed the 60s. In smelly old farts voice tHeM ThesE KidS ThEse Days! SoCiAlisT mOraNs Social Justice and critical race theory.... what politics?.... gtfoh smells like crusty depends boomer diapers in here. Also who the frack do you think are keeping all the aricraft, tanks, helos up in the air? It aint boomers. Who do you think have been fighting your wars the last 20 years. It aint boomers. So STFU boomer Oh also nothing gets done in this country anymore? ORLY? Whose in leadership positions? Boomers
  10. what part of no politics do you guys not understand? State of the hobby? then trash entire generations? It's embarrassing.
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