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  1. yeah glad pilot is ok but sad to see this recently restored Avenger crash 😣
  2. At the very bottom of this forum you can see the Contact Us link, should go to whoever the forum moderator is. I already sent a message, this is the users profile that should be banned http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/profile/63917-jeffmass/
  3. Great episode, loved the discussion about kit stashes and each individual's philosophy about this disease.
  4. As a bonus the ZM is sold out everywhere 😆 Maybe one will pop up on ebay for $300!
  5. Good news I need a decal sheet for my HB Osprey
  6. +1 for B/C models. The occasional B pops up on ebay for $100.😣
  7. From what I read there was some technology transfer from LM.
  8. No doubt Academy will do this.
  9. I have my OS on an M.2 SSD. All the flightsim stuff DCS, Prepar3d, MSFS2020 goes on 2TB SSD.
  10. Hard pass for me but good to see they are covering aircraft that nobody else would do. Pucara comes to mind.
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