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  1. Hi all, Finally I have time to paint... Here a couple of pictures of the advanced until yesterday José Miguel
  2. Hi, I wish to make a 1/48 Seaking with the small pontons, but the revell and hasegawa kits have the large pontons. If any company produce a resine small ponton? TIA Jose Miguel
  3. Mlicari, you give me a great idea..... I´n plan to copy your sistem José Miguel
  4. Your work is incridible... An in 1/72...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Jose Miguel
  5. beautiful.... I need to get one.... but in 1/72 Jose Miguel
  6. Thanks yardbird I will paint this weekend if my son give me a break Jose Miguel
  7. Mlicari, Another one? How are you doing this? I don´t know this version, I will follow your progress José Miguel
  8. After Xmas, new year and holidays I return to my home and work. I don´t received the resin seats for problems with the mail service for the snow storms in the USA I decided to start painting and later include the seats in the model I apply a first coat of mat black
  9. Misterfriend, Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A nice view of a biplane..... Congratulations Jose Miguel
  10. Justin Beautiful.... Its incredible to see a Mustang in service with the navy. Nice......... Jose Miguel
  11. Mlicari, Very nice...... Well done, congratulations!!! I try to make a resin kit in a near future......... may be five o ten years.... Jose Miguel
  12. Hi, Thanks of the help from Phantom and Andy Mullen; I decide to make another Viper of the Navy. I will used the resin set from Aires for the cockpit and wheelbay wich I decided to don´t use in the Revell F-16B Thanks for looking Jose Miguel
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