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  1. You might consider looking for a 1/33 card model, or maybe a smaller scale and print it at 1/32 scale. GELI, I think, makes a 1/33 B-52, which I have somewhere and there is or was an eBay seller offering 1/33 card models of whoppers such as the Tu-95 and Tu-160, so it is possible there could be a KC-135.
  2. Sounds like a bunch of horse (or cow) maneuver to me.
  3. I care nothing for hunting or fishing, but I don't have to do so to eat. I have nothing against people who do hunt and fish except that if they are going to bring me some of their stuff, please cook it first because I don't cook. OTOH, as for the big game hunts, my understanding is that those are organized and well managed as population control, a necessary evil. I also understand that the animal is given to and used by local villages. While we may not eat elephant, etc., they do.
  4. Somebody back in the '70s made 1/35 palm trees, Fujimi or someone Japanese. I got some for a Skyraider dio I did way back in the early-mid '70s. I'm pretty sure they were 1/35 because it was my Revell 1/40 A-1, but if they were 1/48 they coulda just been smaller palms. Check eBay.
  5. WOW! He is suing both of you! Over how much an item? Just to talk to an attorney will cost him 10 times that!
  6. 3 days? From Canada to Cali? What an idiot. I buy from Canada routinely and if I get something within about 2 weeks I am shocked. I give Canadian sellers at least a month. Even here in the USA, I generally wait for a week or so. Regardless, I always contact the seller first and only if I get no reply or feel uncomfortable do I file a claim.
  7. I wonder also why some sellers list kits for 10 times the retail or normal selling price. I have seen a number of different kits where most are all BIN for in the $35 - $50 range. Then someone will have the same kit listed for $367.30 BIN. Free shipping of course. When I email them to ask about the price being an error, I get no reply. I have seen that a number of times. The other thing I see often is some of these "throw-together-kits", like some Testors and New Ray. They are ALL 1/72 scale, regardless of dimensions. Some will give the dims and some won't. When I email them asking which is co
  8. Yes, the possibility of a package getting stolen is a possibility, but with me, the fact that there were, i.e., 8 packages left in my carport, for someone to randomly steal just one is pretty slim, since I have not typically had that problem, even around Christmas as seemed to be a popular sport this past Christmas. One of my most recent was a shop manual that was in an envelope and would easily fit in my mail box is hard to imagine being randomly stolen. What I got from the local PO regarding that one was "You had a sub that day, she's always doing stuff like that." Gee thanks, fire her!
  9. I guess I should have clarified. No, if they post the shipping amount, I don't gripe because I knew it up front, but if they charge me $15 after the fact and it gets here and they spent $6 I usually do. However, numerous times a seller hasn't charged me enough and if it is more than a buck or so, I offer to pay them the diff. OTOH, if I pay $15 and the cost is $13.75, I couldn't care less and don't ask for or even expect a refund for the "overcharge", but I have been given refunds for as little is 50 cents!
  10. For you guys who rely so heavily on USPS' Tracking to call a buyer who claims they didn't get a package, don't be so fast to judge! I'd hate to think I could be one of those buyers but USPS even admits their system is flawed. Tracking only confirms delivery "somewhere". The carrier scans it when it's delivered. That DOES NOT guarantee delivery to the correct address! I have been screwed numerous times, both on and off eBay, because I didn't get something and when I inquired or checked the tracking number, it was delivered 2 days earlier, yet I never got it and of course the carrier has no clue
  11. The bulk of my eBay buying is models and I have to say I don't come close to those scenarios. I will, however, complain if I pay $15 postage (and handling/packing) and the seller pays $6.00 or some such.
  12. Officially revealed or not, there have been pics of the J-31 out and about for a couple of years. Anigrand even released a 1/72 model about the same time the pics showed up.
  13. Well, I just put 2 DC-6 to DC-4 conversions on the back burner! While both are to make DC-4s, 1 was to put B-25 props and cowls/engines on to make a Super DC-4 firebomber and the other was to turn in to a North Star! I'm not afraid of Mach 2 kits, but they are hard to find and expensive! Thanks for the info!
  14. I try to use UPS if at all possible. Next is FedEx as they are only marginally better than the USPS. USPS' Tracking is a joke and is false security. By their own admission, it confirms delivery but not to the correct address. If it is insured, it is worthless. At least with UPS and FedEx you have tracking and insurance paid for up front. I don't mind USPS if it is insured and even if it requires a signature. They seem to keep up with packages better that way. The problem is, by the time you pay for insurance and maybe the signature request, you're up to UPS and FedEx rates. You get what you pa
  15. I wonder how the MMD side of the business will be. Since I sell a few things at my airport I am set up to buy wholesale thru MMD. I call their site a "wish list", because I wish they had stuff in stock. Click on an item and everything is out of stock. That's the way Legacy Dist., IIRC, the wholesale side of VLS in the '90s was. I always wished they had as much in stock as they had in their catalogs. Anyway, back in the Fall of 1986 I visited Squadron in person, I can't remember the guy who ran it then but it was a great visit. I hope it works out for the whole outfit.
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