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  1. 1/32nd: EA-6B, F-111, SU-24, Mig-25, Mig-31, SU-34 1/48th: RF-101C, TU-22, TU-128 1/144th: C-5 - Matt
  2. I plan to finish up building the 1/48th set of Century Series jets. I just finished an F-100 and now I working on an RF-101B. I also plan to finish up a 1/48th Mig-31, Tornado ADV, AH-64, RF-4B, and probably another Soviet/Russian jet 1/32nd F-14A 1/200 C-141B 1/144 B737-800. - Matt
  3. Builder or Collector ? I am both. I simply collect them at a faster rate than I can build them ! I've got 300+ in the stash. I know that I will never build them all....but I've got time to figure out which will get built and which will not. So I can slowly sell, trade, dispose of them as I see fit. Luckily I have a very good hobby store in town with a large section of old kits that can be bought/sold/traded for. So I am not reliant on Ebay, etc to sell. However I think that I will start culling out old stuff in favor of some of the new tools com
  4. I have read numerous publications; such as Yefim Gordon's book, and have seen numerous articles online that mention that the Mig-31 (E, F, BM) can carry bombs. The text specifically mentions it could carry up to six KAB-1500 or up to eight KAB-500 that can TV or Laser guided. The same sources mention that it could carry some Anti-Shipping weapons. I cannot seem to locate any definitive proof of this such as pictures, etc. Is this true ? If so, then on which stations and with which launchers ? - Matt
  5. Wow, There's been no peep on this thread since March ! Martin, Is there any news on this product ? - Matt
  6. Yea, I've come to the realization that there is no single FS color that can match it. After some digging I found that American Airlines refers to the paint color as Silver Mica. I suspect that I will have to experiment using a few different things: 1: Using a silver base color (like Tamiya TS-76) and a Pearl White overcoat (Tamiya TS-45). 2: Use paints that can be found at auto body repair shops that have similar types of effects. 3: Other ideas !?! Anyways, not to hijack this thread. I ordered from Nazca before. It took about 4 weeks for the order to get to me (Texas) from Germany.
  7. Speaking of those decals and that paint scheme: Exactly what Gray color is it ? Is there an FS equivalent that I can use ? The decals give no instruction as to what colors to paint the aircraft. - Matt
  8. Ben, Yes, you do need to build it someday. I thought that Scott's kit was a great kit. A fun a quick build. I remember that the fit was fantastic. Even the decals were pretty good...they went down well. - Matt
  9. Below are some pics of a 1/144th C-141B next to an in-progress 1/144th C-5. Gives you some idea of the size comparison. The C-141B kit was resin. It was created by Scott Doepker. I would highly recommend it; that is if he is still making it. When I got it, he was only making them by request. I'll probably buy the Roden one anyways. Would love to have another C-141. - Matt
  10. Which online US stores are carrying it ? I cannot find it on either Sprue Bros. or Squadron. - Matt
  11. JeskiM

    B-1A #4

    I've completed the inlet section of one of the engine nacelles. Got a tiny bit of sanding to complete (now that I look at the pictures). I scratched the pitot tubes, vents on the bottom, and made the squared-off inlet cross section. I am pretty happy with the results. The pictures don't do it justice as I couldn't get very good lighting when I took the pics. Here's the results: One trick I did is that after I put the first big glob of putty on and sanded it it was not smooth at all as there were little chunks missing, etc that needed to be filled. Instead of putting more putty down I p
  12. JeskiM

    B-1A #4

    Here's an update on the Engine nacelles: I've been working on shaping the proper squared-off look of the -1A's inlet. The fit of the inlet lips to the main body of the nacelle had a huge step that needed to be sanded down first. Also, I am still sanding the laege step that mostly runs the entire length of the whole nacelle on the side.I've got the basic squared-off shape roughed out. Next I need to fillit up, sand it down to the proper profile etc. So my goal will be to get the first nacelle's shape finished this coming weekend. After that will be the finer details like the pitot tubes, vent
  13. I'd for sure buy two each the following: PD, PDS, BM, Recce So that's 8 of them ! - Matt
  14. JeskiM

    B-1A #4

    Currently I am working on the Engine nacelles. The fit has been horrible.....huge steps. Got one nacelle almost to an acceptable point. I've also started roughing out the squared -off configuration of the leading edge of the intakes. Once I get the first nacelle to the point I feel the steps have been acceptably dealt with I will post up pics of the two nacelles for comparison. After that it's mostly a matter of making the -1A specific mods. Shouldn't be too bad. - Matt
  15. JeskiM

    B-1A #4

    Thanks ! I am more happy with my life than I have been in 10 years. My health is pretty good considering what happened: I had 4 surgeries, lost a body part, had a port installed and had a bunch of poison fed from an IV through my port into my heart. 90 some doctors visits in 18 months. 4 CT/PET scans and I have lost count of all the various other tests and more damage to my body than one can imagine .... I actually look and feel pretty damn good ! I've changed employers twice. Moved to a new house and all sorts of crazy stuff in between....I ought to write a book....oh wait, I forgot, I have
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