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  1. The nose is the worst Wrong shape, nose gear not correct, window below cockpit wrong shape and place Gear doors not correct I need cross section drawings of complete fuselage
  2. I would like to see a correct set of drawings for C-17, the Revell 1/144 is wrong in several places
  3. kit # and part # to sophialynm@gmail.com
  4. I have given the mold maker Floyd's list of corrections for the 1/35 Huey. so I feel it will be corrected.
  5. please email Sophia Lynm, tell her what is missing or defective, she will mail it to you. sophialynm@gmail.com later Glen
  6. the kits are 70 miles from me at 8:35AM today................
  7. just a note to all I have seen some forums and sites giving credit to "Detail & Scale" for this kit. fact is only Floyd, Ray, and the rest of his great crew, worked with Kitty Hawk on this project. thanx Glen
  8. this kit has run into overtime. i don't have all the answers yet. when the rest of work is done we will share it with the world. Glen
  9. as a test shot build= we just glue everything on to make sure it fits. this build does not represent any helicopter era. just trying to make sure it all fits like it should. thank you for input. Glen
  10. if all goes well, I should have plastic to send to Floyd to me on May 28. it will take me a couple of days to get it to him.
  11. I feel sorry for Jim and other sites like his. I found them to be very entertaining. when I started building models plastic kits were just starting. my dad was teaching me balsa, & Bass solid kits. the first Hawk, Revell, Comet, Lindberg, and others kit, were like we died and went to heaven. Monogram was set a new standard in the "60"s. now others are eclipsing those kits. we have only been around 5 1/2 years. we are very small compared to other companies. we are still on a learning curve. but I think we are improving all the time. I listened to Jim's and others reviews.
  12. nothing is complete on the kit, not even the boxart. we are making changes to everything as per Floyd & Ray. i don't think the German eBay guys timeline is accurate anymore. i want this kit a good as we can do it. so if it takes a little longer i think all will be happy with results.
  13. after spending the day with Floyd yesterday, i think this is what will happen. as i get parts to kit, i will send them to Floyd. he is the father of this kit. i will let him decide when i put pictures on the net. Thanx Glen
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