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  1. these 4 planes i need all angle shots i can get
  2. the Cougar's are very close now
  3. coming in July from Kitty Hawk in July Glen
  4. new kit coming very soon in 1/48 scale from Kitty Hawk Glen
  5. hi all we will have 4 tables at Va Nats. see you there Glen
  6. any one have this kit that would like to sell it?
  7. thanx for the wonderful pix. can you point camera down and get some pix of side consoles? thanx Glen
  8. hi all Kitty Hawk will be bringing out 3 new 1/72 F-35's
  9. hi all thank you for your help we will be putting up new revised CAD pictures soon. now i would like to ask for detail pictures of OV-10D cockpits. thanx again Glen
  10. if it sells, the whole family(several boxings) will be there Glen
  11. i know that Eli (Zotz) is doing an aftermarket sheet for my T-6 kit
  12. hi all the airframe we used for this kit was built after WWII by Canadian Car Foundry. the only totaly new T-6 airframe built after the war were the 555 built at the Canadian Car Foundry. they rolled off the line as AT-6G's & Harvard IV's Glen
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