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  1. hi all the new KH 1/48 Seasprite to Dist on Dec20
  2. hi all 1/48 2 seat Cougar coming from KH Glen
  3. updated box art hope this is last time Glen Floyd, i'll buy you a beer friday night
  4. i will be there with a table Bert Kinzey of D&S will have 3 tables Glen
  5. hi guy are you coming to Roanoke? Glen
  6. hope you all like my latest baby look for it around Christmas Glen
  7. for mor pictures of new Mig 25 please look at www.KittyHawkmodel.com thanx Glen
  8. we like this forum. we don't want you to think we are not modelers first. we are. we have seen our mistakes thanks to forums like this, and gone back to retool on several kits. we have decided to retool the Mig-25 kit. i hope to have new pictures to show you in a couple of weeks. feel free to voice your opinion. it helps us to grow as a company. thank you again Glen @ Kitty Hawk
  9. hi all i have sent all of your concerns to the main metal man at Kitty Hawk. i will keep you all up to date if changes can be made. thank you all for your imput. Glen@ KittyHawk
  10. KAGNEW

    KH 1/32 AT-6

    look for it around Christmas
  11. hope you enjoy our new 1/48 Seasprite Glen
  12. hi all yes i recieved about 80 emails on weapons for AT-6. but someone had the blue prints for rockets and launchers so i have all i need thanx Glen
  13. thanx for your replys. you all need to thank Floyd for nagging me about helicopters since i started Kitty Hawk. Glen
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