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  1. hope you like our ne boxart Glen
  2. we are watching YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! seriously we will do 1/72 as money allows Glen Coleman www.KittyHawkmodel.com
  3. hi guys the Jaguar's will be out before F1's thanx Glen
  4. hi everyone. yes this is Kitty Hawks next kit. thanx everyone Glen Coleman www.KittyHawkmodel.com
  5. thats the right price $59.95 Glen
  6. hi guys the offical release is IPMS Nats Pacific Coast models should have 32 for sale there. after that you will be able order from PCM or your local hobby shop Glen www.KittyHawkmodel.com
  7. i got word a few minites ago that i have a couple of 1/48 F-35B's ready to ship thanx Glen Coleman www.KittyHawkmodel.com
  8. well i hope to see you there Jennings Glen
  9. hi Jenning's glad to hear you have power. i'm on Central Va. power. we were down 72 hours almost to the min. a few guys about 2 miles from me on same road have same as yours. still no power as of 8AM this morning. i let a couple of them that i know, use our shower. wife cooked all of them a couple of meals. anyway hope to meet you at IPMS Roanoke. maybe bounce some ideas off each other. Glen
  10. hi Jennings i will be in Roanoke area this weekend. is there anything i can bring to help you? i was talking to a friend Appalcian has the smallest budget for repair Glen
  11. hi i will have a manufactures table there come buy and see me Glen
  12. bump please help me with this project so can move on to next exciting project Glen
  13. hi

    yes i want C Aire F2H Kit.

    how much shipped to 22903

    do you take paypal?


  14. yes PM sent your PM box is full how much shipped to 22903. do you take Paypal? Glen
  15. hi all i will pay a fair market price, plus you will get a nice surprise in mail a few months Glen
  16. hi if you have the Collect Aire Banshee kit or kits, i would like to buy them from you. thanx Glen
  17. more pix of what it takes. these are unpolished molds
  18. more to come Glen Coleman www.Kittyhawkmodel.com
  19. hi guys i need a VFS P-47D kit. i don't care which one it is. if you want to sell one, let me know Glen
  20. hi Jennings i hope you didn't think i was mad or anything. i need good ideas. i was serious on a meeting, as far as that goes anyone who is an aircraft, AFV, ship, train, or car modeler. i would like to meet with you. we can share ideas. i hope to eventually make kits of all those things. we are open to any ideas. i have some great people on board now. but the more the better G Coleman www.KittyHawkmodel.com
  21. hi all been watching this thread closely. 1. Jennings, looking at your information. do you live in Virginia? if you do, maybe we could hook up and dicuss the model business. I live in Charlottesville Va. that's in the center of state, i'll meet you where you say. i'll have a manufactures table at the Roanoke show 2. the F-94C was completely my idea. i've been working on it for a long time. but i have prototypes of future kits all over my house, garage and shop. and in CAD form plus many on there way to China, some there already. 3. my partner has also wanted to do F-35 from before
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