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  1. As the title says, for sale: In ONE box, two Ju-88's with lots of extras (Please see image with accessories list)- EUR 265,00 Revell 1:32 - Junkers Ju 88A-4 with bombs 03988 (80-3988) Revell 1:32 - Junkers Ju 88A-1 "Battle of Britain" 04728 (80-4728) I would not split them up. PayPal payment and shipping from Austria, Europe. Shipping costs to EU: 15 EUR
  2. Hi All, As the title says, i just have a couple of photographs of a Mig-29 and would like to do this specific airplane but i am having trouble identifying the paint scheme... to me, it looks like overall gray, but thought of asking for a couple more sets of eyes. So, BLUE 12 All photos copyright of respective authors Many thanks
  3. Hi all, Perhaps this would be of someone's interest: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/tool/scale-model-jig-1-32-to-1-72-10-different-supports Other tools and accessories: https://cults3d.com/en/users/Layerguru/3d-models You can also buy a full kit of the modeling jig, with all printed parts and all hardware: HERE
  4. hi all, As the title says, i need someone with access to Mission Models MMP073 and GSI Aqueous H308, to spread a few drops of each on a piece of paper so i can compare. I am aware of the "photo/screen/lighting" factors here and i do not care about the true shade, i would just like to see how they compare... lighter, darker... If anyone can do this i would highly appreciate it. Many thanks in advance, Alek
  5. Thats another thing, 1/48 jets in my case are much simpler in terms of number of parts than 1/32.
  6. Thanks everyone! As said, i am not too happy to mix scales and while most WWII planes are just perfect size in 1/32 i find modern jets simply a big too large, for my desk and the display later, so the idea is to keep 1/32 for WWII and switch to 1/48 for jets. Someone said "i am tuned to a scale"... me too, plus 1/32 offers more details and easier to work with in terms of parts size.
  7. Hi all, So as the title says, what's the general consensus here, is it usual for scale modelers to keep to their scale or you would do anything you happen to like at that moment. I do aircraft in 1:32 but recently wanted to a jet or two and 1:48 as it seems more appropriate size wise, but then i started overthinking and complicating on how to make these finished different scale live in harmony πŸ™‚ and i am not talking abou transitioning to different scale all together but doing different scales simultaneously ;) Thanks, Alek
  8. For Sale: VERLINDEN – 1:48 – 438 – Focke Wulf Fw190 A8 Super Detail Set €20.00 VERLINDEN – 1:48 – 1378 – SBD 1-2-3 Early A-24 Dauntless Superdetail €30.00 VERLINDEN – 1:48 – 1580 – B-25 Moving Surfaces €22.00 VERLINDEN – 1:48 – 1109 – Heinkel III Update (Revell) €25.00 VERLINDEN – 1:48 – 2213 – Willys Jeep €20.00 VERLINDEN – 1:48 – 2215 – Military Supplies €10.00 VERLINDEN – 1:48 – 2586 – USAAF Airbase Accessories WWII with 3 Figures €30.00 VERLINDEN – 1:48 – 1551 – Henschel HS-129B-2 Detail Set €20.00 VERLINDEN – 1:48 – 483 – USAAF Fighter Pilots WWII €25.00 VERL
  9. For sale: 1. 01E02 B-25J Mitchell 'Strafer' --------- EUR 160 2. 01E03 B-25H Mitchell Gunship --------- EUR 180 3. Hasegawa 1:32 - Junkers Ju 87G Stuka 'Kanonenvogel' - First production with metal figure PLUS Voyager VA32001 complete update set - resin/ PE ----------- EUR 85 4. Airfix 19003 Hawker Typhoon Mk. Ib "Car-Door" - 1:24 ------------------------- EUR 75 5. Hasegawa 1:32 - ST26 JUNKERS Ju87D STUKA ------------------------------- EUR 50 6. Eduard SIN63201 Bf 109E 1/32 ------------------------------------------------ EUR 50 Shipping to EU a
  10. For sale are two books - Expecting fair price offer: 1. Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1933-1945: Pre-War Development : Paint systems, Composition, Patterns, Applications, Day Fighters: Volume One Hardcover – 30 Oct. 2005 2. Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1933-1945: Code Systems & Markings, Night Fighters, Ground-Attack, Reconnaissance, Bombers, Maritime, Transports & Trainers Hardcover – 31 May 2005 Books are like new, without any damage and with slight signs of use. Both volumes include original Luftwaffe paint chips - 5 in total
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