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  1. SOLD ITEM removed and a bump up to the top...Only about 5 kits left, some decals, and various tools/resin
  2. SOLD ITEMS Removed...Thank you to those who just bought and again still plenty of good stuff, do not hesitate to write me
  3. PRICES DROPPED ON 12/16 --- CHRISTMAS SALE Dropped all Prices, these are great deals now but as always if you have some reasonable offers please write me. Also if buying multiple kits we can always try and work something even better out! Thank You to all of those who have bought from be thus far!
  4. SOLD Items Removed and Updated Pending items, still a lot of great stuff so email me...it all needs to go
  5. Complete Stash Purge..There are still some great things left below Prices Do NOT Include Shipping Payment via Paypal, Check (must clear bank first), or Cash (at your own risk) Shipping within USA only Due to the number of kits and to make it easier please email me instead of sending me a PM, that way I can see who requested what kits first. Email: celkins28@gmail.com **Each listing has a description of what is included** PRICE DROPPED ON 2/25 == LAST DROP BEFORE EBAY PRICES DROPPED ON 12/16 --- CHRISTMAS S
  6. Two more items sold...Thank You SPECIAL DEAL: TAKE BOTH REMAINING KITS (1/32 AND 1/48) FOR 225.00 SHIPPED
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