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  1. check out the new prices!!!!! go to my ebay shop...link above!!! W00t
  2. and up it goes again..... don't tell me these are not good prices....
  3. UPDATED THE SALE.... NEW PRICES!!!!!!and last items to sell.... CHECK IT ABOVE
  4. Hey guys....everything has been put on ebay to make the things faster and easier for everybody. you can check the item here at this link: http://shop.ebay.ch/cinefi85/m.html?_nkw=&...p;_trksid=p4340 Cheers and happy bidding
  5. bump....c'mon guys, make me offers...I need these kits outta my house.
  6. Hey mates... I know I've been a lot absent from the forum...I know and I'm sorry!!! I wasn't able to do anything modelling-related and I believe it will still be so up until 2012...my profession is starting to be very "time-demanding" and I barely have free time. Sssso, since during these years I've collected toooo many models due to an "eager-buying-syndrome" I decided to sell the ones that I don't like or the ones that I have double or that I received as presents Here's the list: MY EBAY SHOP 1/48 Accurate Miniatures B-25C/D Mitchell 345th Bomb Group air apache Limited series (only 250
  7. Lovely Ben...I'll follow this one with great interest!!! Keep us posted! Cheers
  8. That's really a cool project! Fantastic work so far Cheers
  9. Mmmhh very nice work mate! Following with interest...those figures are nice indeed! Cheers
  10. Apart from the wells which are absolutely fantastic, but chuckw, following your WIP's is an enjoyment all alone...fantastic mate!!!! Cheers
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