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  1. they are masters of bait and switch tactics, their recent 1/72 BF-109G6 and all the War Bird kits they made in the past are a prime example of why chances of having something as simple as a change of parts will not happen, which is pretty stupid cause on 72 scale there is no competition for the F-16, and that's my why: Hasegawa only makes one offs as limited edition kits, their F-16I being in the catalogue it's the only exception for very obvious and same-ish reasons you will find on magazines, galleries and competitions Hasegawa kit is also kinda underscale and it is just an
  2. Thanks Raymond, thought the tooling part and the related research were more expensive than everything, which kinda explains why now Revell blanks off certain parts from their 1/72 F-16 kits instead of having an all inclusive F-16A and for that it forces people to hunt down earlier boxes or purchase AM sets Luigi
  3. I don't want to start any kind of argument, no insult your or other's people work, but I'm just curious about this cause as we know some aircraft and its variants are a minefield, so let's keep it neutral and pick a subject like the F-15 or why not the Mig-21, so my question is: It is possible to make multiple gender neutral Mig-21 fuselages (MF, Bis, PF, F, U and whatever) and have no more than 10 key parts apart to avoid remolding a completely newer fuselage for a version that might not sell well? Yes I'm talking about some sorta of multipurpose Swiss cheese fuselage and maybe wing
  4. Have four of them, three kits only have two Model Graphix magazines each (issue 07 & 08) other one does not come with any kind of magazine, boxes were open to inspect their contents, bags and everything else contained are still sealed Asking 45€ each for the magazine less boxes and 55ish € each for the ones with magazines. Cheapest shipment option up to 2kg with no tracking Postamail Internazionale, delivery times do vary from 10 to 25 workings days, maybe more depending on local custom offices 13,50€ for Europe 23 for the US & co 27,50€ fo
  5. Is the camouflage scheme of 94-8424 machine present on the painting instructions or they just show you the starboard side? Luigi
  6. I have no problems with chrome parts, it's the gold ones that are pissing me off, same thing for Toyota GT One I sprayed with Red Tamiya Acrylic can nearly 20 years ago and the paint doesn't want to go off Luigi
  7. I have turned my terrace on a open top chemical lab as I unsuccessfully tried to strip Tamiya Acrylic spray paint, some other HW Store acrylic paint both with isopropyl alcohol, then with a bath of caustic soda then I also used the strongest de-greaser made before the EU laws started to care about this planet and its people health yet that dang paint is still winning...now I have another problem as Fujimi and Aoshima from time to time decide to plate parts with a gold tint aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand caustic soda isn't doing the job, it barely scratched Fujimi gold paint and didn't do a single dent on
  8. I remember seeing pics of parked Migs and probably other aircrafts maybe a Tornado with drums and tires stacked a little behind their center of gravity, who knows maybe Airfix accidentally scanned a fuel drum thinking it was part of the plane and included it, would be fun it that thing turns to be more accurate than their entire model 😄 Luigi
  9. If you are looking for one off schemes F-16 FSD one was painted in a compass-ghost~camouflage while a two seater and another single seater were painted in a better Hill scheme that was never applied F-4D Coonass Militia one had an F-15ish inspired scheme other two or three were randomly painted F-4C/D ROKAF I don't know how many of them served with that camouflage, Cutting Edge had one decal set with that F-4EJ Kai I think it was applied after they parted ways with the grey/white scheme F-104G/S AMI Reparto Sperimentale 37-23 camouflage was similar to JDASF F-10
  10. You can't slap Su-33 pieces onto Su-30SM kit, the nose section of the T-10M was fatter and longer so getting an Su-35 or a Su-37 is a no go Trumpeter Mig-31 boxes do not contain one of the three MLG doors Hasegawa fuselage is a bit skinny and it's also missing the double S profile present on Zvezda kit, also vertical stab needs to be rescribed as they got a couple of panels off Luigi
  11. and that's why I'll never buy any Porsche past 993 GT2 😛 Luigi
  12. Neffan nailed it, I just hope that Modelsvit will somehow also take int consideration prototype Mig-29 versions because I would kill for a 1/72 Mig-29 9.15, it will be easier to make a 9.18 out of a 9.12 by using either 9.13 or 9.19 parts, there is the whole range or ship-borne Mig-29, plus the newer Mig-35, the freaking two-seater and so on Back to Flankers still we lacking standard Su-27B or P variants, there is no Su-35E but Hasegawa and its mistakes, I don't know if Trumpeter Su-34 only requires a newer nose or something worse, I just hope they boxing comes with all the parts on it ca
  13. To Zvezda news, there is nothing in 1/72 but tanks and a freaking propelled chunk of plastic, no 9-12, no new Flankers, no updated Hokum or Havoc tooling, not even a newer Maybe 17 or 19 tooling as Airifix will be pushing their Caricature 17 no matter what and it will end like that thing which was named after the Mig-15 but didn't share any traits of it Luigi
  14. Probably, as the pegs are missing from the sprue Luigi
  15. I owned Italeri boxes and they all had the intake cover plus the nose landing gear well which was completely amiss on Esci boxes Luigi
  16. they should just stop pulling "instant Hasegawa'ed" for any given newer tool they release cause that way of doing it's what is making people like me lose interest. I have no interests on buying their FW-190A if the A5 through A9/F9 lineup is incomplete, I would rather go after Hasegawa or Kora kits A newer and complete Mig-21 family in 1/72 was needed, but I don't freaking need 23i9034902342390834901233901238029381209312 MF boxes Luigi
  17. Danny can I ask you if 1/72 F-16AM decal sets for Belgian AF are still bundled with resin humps and lumps? Greetings Luigi
  18. If an archive of Military Photos forum exists you will probably find something that wasn't axed during the purge, outside that I think Reddit, What If forums and whatever you can find on crazy boards like /k/ it is what all the web has to offer Luigi
  19. John thanks for the review, mind if I ask where I have to look for the liquid spring thing? Luigi
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