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  1. And on another note, if the decking has to look like South East Asia, a few SEA Phantoms and Corsairs would fit in lovely ! Cheers Tim
  2. WOW, Looks really good, I still think the Canadian hornets look the best, dont know why, maybe Nostalgia from when they used to be in Germany. Still, great kit dude, and I agree, if I could produce anything that was even close to how good that is, I would be a happy man. Congrats on a great build. Tim
  3. Hi Guys, well, its been a while since ive been able to do any real modelling, due to outside commitments, but ive managed to get this done over the last few weeks. Its the 1/144 ARII orion, bought from HLJ and its great. I saw a pic of a dirty, patchy orion on the web, and decided I would have a bash at trying something similar. I recently bought an airbrush, and this is the first time I have ever used one (another reason for going for the low viz option). I wanted to add a bit of life to it, so i put in some torpedo's and what I think are harpoons, borrowed from various other kits. I couldn'
  4. Awesome! I am building one at the moment, and if it turns out half as good, I will be well pleased. Great build mate. Tim
  5. Ha HA, Yeah, she put me right on a few things!! Thanks guys, I will show Izzy your kind words in the morning, when she has finished her Easter egg hunt that is! Again, I appreciate you and everyone who has taken time to post. And I really urge everyone who has kids to let them join in, Izzy has made ladybugs, star wars ships and all sorts, its great fun to be able to do it with her. She is doinga B1 next and a an airfix gazelle, both in 1/72 so not to much of a size difference then! Thanks again guys, Happy easter!! Tim
  6. Here are my 1/144 vigilante (with scratch built cockpit and my daughters (Izzy, 7) Tomcat. Hope you like them, there are progress pics on the build thread,
  7. Hi Guys Well, we made it. After a small delay due to forgetting to do her spellings last night, Izzy got the last of the decals, the wheels and missiles on tonight. fiddly decals glueing the wheels on Trimming the fingers, i mean doors! Cheating with the stripes on the arrestor hook. Quick change for bed (it is the crazy time of 8 o clock here) and time for the final pics! and with a few little people around. She has loved doing this group build, and I have enjoyed doing it with her. Thanks again for all your kind comments and encouragment, she loves reading what you guy
  8. Evening! A quick Izzy up date, she sprayed the bottom of her Tomcat white the other day and I masked it up for her. She painted the wheels and fiddly bits while I did this. Then on to spraying the grey, we hung it on the washing line so she could get at it better. We used Halfords grey as it was all I had, though the perfectionist she is, she moaned it was too dark (and she is right, comes with being a woman!), Anyway, we had to stick with it or we were going to run out of time. I gave her some pilots that I had already painted, but she repainted their helmets. One blue with white lig
  9. Hi, Well I have finally got round to starting this one, typically I have lost my starting photos, but ive not got very far anyway. The kit is quite detailed on the inside, you can have the internal cockpit door open for example, but you can see nothing when it is closed up, so I havent done much to the inside at all. It is a typical Amodel kit with no locating pins and quite thick joins between the sprue and the tiny bit you inevitably want in this scale, but with some sanding and tidying up, it is not really a problem. I have added a bit of nose weight, more out of habbit I think! I have a
  10. Hi Guys, Just a quick update on the Vigilante! Izzy has been doing housework/ cleaning chores all week in-order to gain a 'Brownies badge' so has not done anything, though she wants to do some painting tomorrow. The canopy hoods are really thick as they are not meant to be open, so I plunge moulded some new ones using spare clear plastic, not sure how they will turn out, but its easy to try so why not! Thats it for tonight, hope all your builds are nearly done too! Will update tomorrow with Izzys tomcat. Cheers Tim
  11. My daughter Izzy wants to say something about your mil-24 (she loves helicopters), Great build, its amazing job. Hey you have done a great job on your mil-24, I like it how you made it all camolfaged and how you made the cockpit windows open. What are you going to build next? Love from Izzy (age 7)
  12. Stunning, an amazing diorama that looks so life like. Congratulations mate. 1/144 is my prefered scale, and you have just proved that small is best ! ! Brilliant. Tim
  13. WOW, thanks guys for your really kind words, Izzy is beaming at them (and I am chuffed you all like her work, and really appreciate the encouragment you give her)! She loves modelling, and I love having someone too build with. Time for an up date. Izzy has stuck the engine intakes on, tailfins and nose ,she is funny to watch, she reads the instructions meticulously before commiting glue, and sands all the bits she cuts off. I really could learn a few things off her I think. I am going to introduce her to filling gaps with tippex, I think she is ready (though not tonight as she is playing L
  14. Thanks Guys, Izzy will be so chuffed you like her stuff. Like Antony said, she is now on to a Tomcat, and is nearly at the painting stage already, hoestly, she finishes more than I do! She loves it, but is playing star wars lego at the moment, so I dont think she will get much done tonight! It's great that she likes building, I would recommend to everyone to introduce your kids to the hobby as soon as poss (much easier now, thanks to Hobbyboss kits, they are easy to make, but they still get to do what dad, or mum, do with the painting and decals), its much more fun to have some company whils
  15. No worries dude, I think may have made a mistake, I meant grey and white. I will send a PM of the scheme, its just I saw this one fly at an airshow in the UK with my dad quite a few years ago, and it looked great!
  16. I am building this kit for my dad, who I took to the USAF museum in dayton a couple of years ago. He loved the museum, and loves this airplane, and who can blame him, its immense! And so frankly is the kit. I started it on valentines day, prob not the best day to start this project, esp with the words 'it's really not as big as it looks in the box', then proceeded take over the kitchen with massive bits of plastic and glue and copious amounts of paint! I would like to try and model the J, but that depends on the decals I can get hold of. The ones in the kit only depict the all over silv
  17. Looks amazing, Ive got one in the stash too and a couple of 72nd ones. Really tempted to start one tonight now! Good work Dude. Tim
  18. Hi Im Izzy. I started my Tomcat today, and I am going to do a Bounty hunter one ( like Boba fett). I started off with the cockpit and the wings. I painted the inside black and the seats on the cushions green. I used white on the buttons, like daddy said, with a dry brush, and then it magically showed the buttons. Then i stuck it together, being carefull because the wings and the tailplanes move! I have stuck the engines in but I havent stuck them on to the airplane yet. Hope you like it so far. Now Dad wants a word. Hi Guys I havent got nearly as far as Izzy! All I have done is
  19. pure out the box. USAF rescue bird, I quite like the one on the lid. I would prefer to do the bluey-grey and white version but I dont have the decals, so silver and red it is. Is this ok?
  20. Id like to throw my hat into the ring with the Albatross from Amodel. It looks a nice kit, and will make a change from tomcats and hornets! Hope this is ok Cheers Tim
  21. Hi Guys I would like to join in with a 1/144 vigilante. It is the CROWN/OTAKI kit and is pretty basic, but I hope to try and add a little detail. I plan to open up both canopys, add some seats and cockpit detail, fold the wings maybe and use some of the great starfighter decals for an Enterprise sqn. Izzy, my daughter, age 7 (and a bit ive just been told to add) would like to build a Bounty hunters tomcat from the early deployments on the Big E. She is going use an old airfix kit. She is an old hand at group builds now and usually joins in with me, hope you guys dont mind her joining in too.
  22. Dude, that looks amazing :) !!! Wish I could build half as good as that! Nice one Tim
  23. Just finished these three, hope you like them. All are 1n 1/144 scale, the tomcat is a Revell kit, the Hornet a Dragon kit and the Phantom a cross between two ARII kits, the E and the B. The nose on the B was made out of filler, shaped to fit around the original nose. The decals are MYK Designs. All comments welcome (be gentle :) !)
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