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  1. Hi guys, The F-104 pilots have been done. They are now working hard to produce the pilots and packing. Price and the sales channel will be announced ASAP. Have a nice day. SHIN YAW LIN
  2. Hi, As I heard from my Friend, Yes, the ground crew is in his considering in the near future. What I ask for him is "How about a female pilot??". Have a nice day. SHIN YAW LIN
  3. Guys, here is the newest pictures from my friend, the 2nd polot is ready for molding.
  4. Hi, Gene, they don't have a web link. This is a new start up workshop, F-104 Pilot is still in test run status. If there's any info update, I'll let you know ASAP. Have a nice day. SHIN YAW LIN
  5. Guys, May I present new 1/32 F-104 Pilot come from Taiwan "Formosa Miniature". For More information please visit their Facebook page: Formosa Miniature Have a niceday SHIN YAW LIN
  6. Guys, May I present new 1/32 F-104 Pilot come from Taiwan "Formosa Miniature". For More information please visit their Facebook page: Formosa Miniature Have a niceday SHIN YAW LIN
  7. There will be "Pre-order" version and standard version or some thing I don't know in the market. The pre-order guys like me get the first issue, You may still buy the kit via the channel AFV Club distribute their standard version. I don't know the first issue kit will profit the "pre-order guys", but guys like me take the risk if the F-CK-1 project failed. Have a nice day. LIN
  8. Guys, the F-CK-1 project began 2 years ago. PMA collected the capital from the modelers of Taiwan and corprated with AFV CLUB. This is a "Pre-order" project. Modeler here in Taiwan had paid for what he ordered. I also ordered one single seat F-CK-1. The first lot of F-CK-1 will issued by PMA for both single or twin seat. Have a nice day LIN
  9. NO, the AT-3 is the same old kit with a lot of extra such as new decal, new photoetch fret and metal pitot. Still a nice kit for several years. Have a nice day. LIN
  10. Thanks Guys for all your words, Wish you have a wonderful modeling year 2013. The B-29 is still applying aluminum foil now. It takes me a long long time to do the job. Maybe the building will be done in 2013. Here is some wip pics of my B-29. B-29 WIP Have a nice day and happy new year. LIN
  11. Hi guys, here are my 2012 built. 1/48 Hobby Boss Yak-38U Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4526 1/48 Hasegawa F-16D Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4530 1/48 Monogram F-19 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4533 1/72 AMT XB-70 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4427 And 1/48 Monogram B-29 WIP Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4514 Have a nice day. LIN
  12. Thank you guys for all your kindness words. Now I'm worry about which kit to build next. Have a nice day. LIN
  13. Hi, Guys, here I present my last built 1/72 AMT XB-70. I know this is a huge kit, before I start the project, I compare the main fuselage with 1/48 YF-12. I was amazed by the size of XB-70. Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4323 The AMT parts have a lot of steps and seams to be deal with. After 2 months of struggle, the result is worth the effort. Here is my Valkyrie. Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4420 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4421 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4422 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4424 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4429 The size of 1/72 XB-70 is huge on my desk. Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4433 The finished XB-70 compare with 1/48 YF-12. Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4434 Thanks guys and have a nice day. LIN
  14. Guys, I think the hyperlink below may helps 1/72 ROCAF F-CK-1A IDF The price tag is NTD 2,100(About USD 70 vary from exchange rate from TWD to USD) HTH LIN
  15. Hi, guys, here is my Monogram 1/48 F-19. It took me 3 weeks to build and I really enjoy the kit. Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4266 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4270 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4269 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4288 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4284 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4282 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4281 Flickr 上 rotchc3570 的 DSCF4280 Have a nice day. LIN
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