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  1. Great work! What I appreciate the most is the detail shots of how you did these mods. Also the jigs you used for soldering the brass etc are really helpful. Hoping you feel inspired to get this going again. My daughter worked in the offices at the Depot in the nineties, and we got to tour the place. Truly impressive, and sad. Carl
  2. L-GREECO, 4 more months have past since your last entry. I sure hope we hear from you soon. I also want to wish all a Merry Christmas. :unsure: Carl Stark
  3. Well, here we are 4 months since the last post?! Maybe the Russian Secret Service found out about your superb work and has made you cease and desist. LOL. Absolutely the most prolific rendition of ANY model seen in this forum - PERIOD. IMHO of course. All I can say, what a SUPER job you are doing, and we want to see more!! Also, a short question. Are you adding rotor motion as well? Far out work. Carl Stark
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